Nicki Minaj flips the script with Black Barbies


Nicki Minaj didn’t just take the beat for Black Beatles and rap over it; she took the song, deconstructed it and reconfigured hip-hop gender roles. And all of that in less than four minutes.

Ms. Minaj unleashed her remix of the Rae Sremmurd hit Black Beatles on November 15, 2016. From the first bar it’s clear what’s on Ms. Minaj’s mind. She came to flip it on its head. That boy is a real p***y pleaser Minaj says as the song begins, switching up the lyrics from Swae Lee on the original tune. As always, Minaj is not scared to rap about her sexuality in the same way her male counterparts do; on this track the contrast is immediate and it resonates. She continues to riff on the original’s lyrics in her first verse: I’m a fuc**** Black Barbie/Pretty face, perfect body.

Eventually Nicki gets bored of rejiggering the source material and she launches into two immensely quotable verses that stand apart from the original track. The first verse throws some shade at the President-elect (Island girl, Donald Trump want me go home) and addresses the haters (of whom there are many) before finishing with a perfectly-timed gender-flipping metaphor Bit**** can’t rap for sh**, I’mma send ‘em some tips/All these bitches is my sons, should be suckin’ my tits.

Fans weren’t shy about showing their love on Nicki’s Twitter page. One fan wrote “BRUUUUUUUUUH. MY FAVE IS LEGENDARY. AN ICON. She never ceases to amaze me.” Others posted videos of themselves performing their favorite parts of the song.

Rae Sremmurd retweeted Ms. Minaj’s post about her new song, so they must be in favor of her remix. Or maybe they’re just in high spirits after their single made it to the #1 slot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Minaj’s rendition of the song already has over 1.5 million plays in 2 days. Listen to it in the player above or visit Soundcloud.

Lyrics via Genius.


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