Moh Moh Ke Dhaage | Dum Laga Ke Haisa | Papon | Monali Thakur | Varun Grover | Anu Malik


The song “Moh Moh Ke Dhaage” (threads of fascination) is a semi-classical number with Assamese vocals, indicating an Indian romantic feel to it. It is sung by Papon and Monali thakur, written by Varun Grover and composed by Anu Malik. The composition of song is so angelic that even a nonclassical music lover will enjoy it. The smooth, metallic voice of the singer will keep you transfixed to the song and makes you realize that none other than singer Papon could have done justice to this song.

The simple, quirky and intelligent lyrics sets the tone of the film. The use of ‘matka’ (clay vase), flute, and shenai at certain parts enhances the composition. The beautiful placement of the orchestration in the song makes for a haunting melody. The song has two versions, one male and another female, and both are equally good and has its own charm. The song begins with soft tones that transition into softer tones and later the song freely meanders around these two tones. Interestingly the transition from one to another is smooth without any patchworks, and this creates a breezy atmosphere.

The music mixed with the beautiful moments that are life like, will make you smile and cry at the same time. The visuals talk about the couples belonging to a middle class family, wherein the husband is a shop owner and the wife is a school teacher. The scene where the actor (Prem) struggles with carrying the weight of his wife (Sandhya), his displeasure of being with his wife, the flashback of actors disinterest in marrying the actress, and actress effort to get her husband attracted to her points to stressed out, unsatisfactory relationships and forced marriages.

The film features Ayushman Khurana (onscreen name Prem) and Bhumi Pednekar (on screen name Sandhya) as leads. It is a light-hearted comedy about a man who in a marriage to an “overweight and mismatched” wife, who he thinks is an obstruction in his life. Later on when he wins a tug of war competition with the help of his wife, he realizes his mistake and accepts his wife as she is. In a way, the story talks about the desires of men; the kind of girl they want, and being overweight not only acts as a hindrance in marriage but also symbolizes ugliness. According to me it’s not the look that should matter in way of love and marriage but it is the positive quality of the woman/man that should attract the couples towards each other.


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