Ik raasta hai zindagi – Kishore/Lata – Rajesh Roshan | Kaala Patthar (1979)


Movie: This song appeared in 1979 disaster drama Kaala Patthar (Black Stone – Coal) based on the Chasnala Mining Disaster. The movie was produced and directed by Yash Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films. The movie starred Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha, Rakhee, Neetu Singh, late Parveen Babi, Prem Chopra, Parikshit Sahni, etc. This was Yash Chopra’s 4th collaboration with Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan after Deewar (1975), Kabhi Kabhi (1976) and Trishul (1978).

Vijay Pal Singh (Amitabh Bachchan) is a Merchant Navy Captain, who has been disgraced, branded a coward, humiliated by the society and rejected by parents. The reason: He abandoned his ship risking the lives of over 300 passengers. He feels guilty about his cowardice and has low self-esteem. He begins work as a coal miner trying to forget his past. Around this time, he meets and strikes a friendship with Ravi (Shashi Kapoor), the engineer working in the mine. This song is an introduction of Ravi when he is traveling on a motorbike to reach the mining town for the first time.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Sahir Ludhyanvi and the music was composed by Rajesh Roshan.

The man via this song becomes philosophical about life. He says that life is a journey and people should keep traveling. For no reason should anyone stop. The playing of the string instruments like a violin is in such a way that it denotes movement.

Video: Cinematography is by Kay Gee.

The video opens with Shashi Kapoor driving a motorbike on a desolate road. He begins the song. He travels through roads lined with green trees and at one place beside a lake or a river. Some village girls are bathing in the water body and they sing a few lines. Then, some women are seen walking on the sides of the road with bales of hay on their heads. Shashi Kapoor runs the motorbike in the middle of that road.

Soon, some school children run toward him from the opposite side letting go of balloons in the air. Then arrive some college girls bicycling from the opposite direction. Some village girls on the side of the road are playing with each other and on a swing tied to a tall tree. They also sing a few lines of the song. The video ends with Shashi Kapoor entering another village.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar and the onscreen performances are by Shashi Kapoor and others.

Cultural Influence: This song introduces Shashi Kapoor in the movie. He sings about his outlook on life. It can happen in real life but it will be in the speech. The makers of this movie have placed a song here instead. The song is good and the video can be watched often.


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