Hip-hop reacts to the election on social media


Obviously many people were surprised by the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. None more so than the rappers and hip-hop artists we know and love.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop had several tweets throughout the evening that expressed his despondence, but none of them sum it up as succinctly as this one:

Later Snoop called on Drake to help him find some property in his new, adopted city:

A few hours later, however, Snoop was looking for the silver lining. And the papers.


Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli never minces words. In fact his Twitter is still active today as he battles the countless trolls who try to argue with him. There were many (MANY) tweets about the election on his page, but the most poignant required no troll to prod him.

Killer Mike

Killer Mike has made it no secret that he wasn’t pleased with how the DNC chose Hilary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. He’s even got the t-shirt to prove it. Unsurprisingly the election did not change his mind.

Anyway, Mike isn’t worried because he has seen worse:



Killer Mike’s partner in crime and running mate provided the silver lining for the Run The Jewels duo:


Pete Rock

Pete Rock had jokes going into the election. One of his tweets read “Make Hip Hop Great Again!!!” and other tweets urged fans to vote for A Tribe Called Quest or Pete Rock & CL Smooth. Then reality set in:

Lil B

Lil B was encouraging, thoughtful and slightly cryptic. Classic.

Chance The Rapper

After leading the cavalry to the voting booth Chance took to Twitter to express his concerns.

Tyler, The Creator

Tyler…well you see Tyler, um…well, folks, that’s Tyler.

Ice Cube

Cube didn’t post this until the day after but it applies.

Many other rappers and producers encouraged fans to get out and vote including Gucci Mane, Common, Earl Sweatshirt, Eminem and Eric B.

There’s sure to be many more reactions in the coming months before Mr. Trump takes office.



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