Mera yaar bana hai dulha – Rafi/Geeta – Ravi | Chaudhvin Ka Chand (1960)


Movie: This song appeared in 1960 hit Muslim social drama Chaudhvin Ka Chand (Beauty of the Moon one day before the Full Moon) produced by Guru Dutt and directed by Mohammad Sadiq under the banner of Guru Dutt Films. The movie starred late Guru Dutt, Waheeda Rehman, late Johnny Walker, late Rehman, etc.

The setting of the movie is Lucknow city, where Islamic Culture flourished. Nawab (Rehman) falls in love with an unknown girl (Waheeda Rehman), whom he meets in the market. He tries various tricks to find out more about her. But, before anything concrete can happen, the girl Jameela is married to Nawab’s friend Aslam (Guru Dutt).

Aslam and Nawab’s friend Mirza Masaraddik Shaiza (Johnny Walker) sings this song during Aslam’s marriage.

Song: The music composition work for Chaudhvin Ka Chand went to Ravi. The responsibility of penning the lyrics went to Shakeel Badayuni.

The man is happy that his friend was getting married and he wishes that he would also get married soon.

Video: Cinematography is by V K Murthy.

The video opens with a group of men in their festive finery clapping hands to the tune of the music going on in the background. One of the men plays the clarinet. Johnny Walker snatches the clarinet from him and plays it. He also dances together with it. The first man tries to snatch the clarinet. But, Johnny Walker does not let go. Johnny Walker wins and he begins the song.

The first man plays the clarinet and Johnny Walker dances like a snake. Rehman is seen in the background smoking the hookah and Guru Dutt is also present wearing the groom’s dress. An old man also sings the song in between.

The bridal doli (palanquin) is also ready. The bride’s side is shown with a friend of hers singing the song. The bride is all decked up with her face covered with the veil as well as flower garlands. The bride is taken to the doli. A friend also sits with the bride in the doli. The doli is closed and taken away to the groom’s place.

The bride is made to sit on the nuptial bed, which is decorated with flowers. Guru Dutt enters the room and hesitantly sits on the bed. The bride moves away in shyness. The video ends as Guru Dutt tries to talk to the bride.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Mohammad Rafi and Geeta Dutt and the onscreen performances are by Johnny Walker, Guru Dutt and others.

Cultural Influence: The first part of this song is picturized on a comic actor. He says via the song that his friend is getting married and so he requests everybody to pray that even he gets married. This is usually conducted as a conversation. But, this being a movie, the makers have featured a song here. The song is melodious and fantastically rendered by Rafi Sahab. The video is watchable for the song and the artists.


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