Skateboard P gets a remix


Madeintyo released a remix of Skateboard P and this time he has frequent Skateboard P collaborator, Big Sean, accompanying him on the song.

The original Skateboard P track appeared on Madeintyo’s mixtape, Thank You, Mr. Tokyo, which was released in August. The video for the song has over 500,000 views on YouTube though people might be watching it for Madeintyo’s dance moves and not for his musical ability. The remix was posted to Soundcloud on November 5th and already has over 350,000 plays.


Big Sean has the first verse on the song. It’s a solid guest spot. He raps about his Jacob watch and his Jesus pieces and your lack thereof. He also makes sure to shout out Pharrell (the eponymous Skateboard P) singing Made in Tokyo, damn/Just like most my clothes, damn/Chain on Skateboard P/Skateboard P be my OG.

The rest of the song is Madeintyo’s, but there’s nothing new here. The remix has the same verses that appeared on the original track.

Madeintyo made waves earlier this year with his song Uber Everywhere and subsequent mixtape You Are Forgiven. The mixtape made it to number 21 on the U.S. rap charts. His latest mixtape hasn’t achieved that level of success, but maybe Big Sean’s guest appearance on the remix will help generate some buzz.

Madeintyo stands for Made In Tokyo. The rapper spent six years in Tokyo, during high school, before moving back to the U.S. and settling in Atlanta. He lives there with his brother, fellow rapper Royce Rizzy. Madeintyo is signed to Warner Bros. Records.


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