Bones releases his fourth album of 2016


Prolific underground rapper Bones released his album SoftwareUpdate1.0 on Soundcloud on November 5, 2016. It was his second album release within the last 30 days.

The album is available for streaming on the Team Sesh Soundcloud page. Although Bones has rejected the categorization of “cloud rapper”, the music on SoftwareUpdate1.0 definitely has ambient dreamlike qualities. Songs, like Sleepmode and NowThatYouSaidItLikeThat, are heavily atmospheric. Other songs, like EnterCaptchaCode, make use of voice samples with references to computers and technology. The voice samples sound like what people thought artificial intelligence would sound like in the 1990s.

The album also has more conventional sounding songs. The first track, Terms and Conditions, features a pleasant beat and Bones’s layback style. It’s followed with GoHomeRoger which almost has a hook and would almost work as a single if it were longer than a minute and a half. On Bummer, after a lengthy voice sample of Jason Robards in the movie Parenthood, Bones raps and the song slowly plays out, making it one of the most straightforward tunes on the album.

Of course Bones isn’t out to create music that sounds like everything else on the market. The official genre of his music is “sesh” as he has eschewed being lumped in with other makers of hip-hop. True to form SoftwareUpdate1.0 is different. It’s got a unique sound and a laid back vibe and it’s worth the listen.

Altogether Bones has put out four albums in 2016. He did the same in 2015. He has put out over forty albums since 2010 when he released music under the moniker Th@ Kid. All of the music is free and available for streaming or download. Bones still hasn’t signed with a label though several have shown interest.



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