La Vida Es Un Carnaval- Celia Cruz


Raised in a humble home, the queen of Salsa was nothing but rich with charisma! Celia Cruz was one of those artist you stumble upon once in a blue moon, full of joy. Through the good and the bad,she was always displaying a good attitude and “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” is a perfect song that depicts her attitude towards life. “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” literally translates to “Life is a Carnival” and along with her backup singers, she sends us a message of positivity towards living a happy one.

The instrumental parts, the lyrics, and the deliverance they all speak for themselves. From the very beginning in the very first lyric, she states that whomever thinks that life is all the same (never changing, bad) it’s not, and life IS beautiful and we should live, really live it! Then she continues saying that whomever believes they are alone, there is no such thing as a lonely person. There is always someone for everyone.  The idea behind this song is that Celia mentions all the negative things she possibly thought at one point, or heard others worry about and she gives us the alternative. In this song, she is letting us know that the grass IS greener on the other side and that there is no point in wasting the life each and every one of us have.

Celia Cruz is that artist that as a child I knew all the words to most of her songs because mom would play her music in the background. It was not until my older years that I understood that this lady was and still is an iconic figure within Latin industry. She worked hard, accomplished and conquered all obstacles, and the best part is that she did it all while looking at things with a positive attitude. She was and is inspirational, not to mention loved by all who knew her and all who knew about her.


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