Meek Mill releases 3 videos in one week


The only people busier than Meek Mill this week played in the World Series or are running for President of the United States. The Philly born rapper released 3 music videos this week.

All of the songs appear on the mixtape DC4 which was released on October 28, 2016. Apparently Meek is trying to flood the market with music and video content or else he just has a ton of free time.

Meek kicked the video extravaganza off with Shine. The video starts with Meek in Philly with the whole crew including a cameo by one of the Morris twins (either Markieff or Marcus) of the NBA. The video fades out and starts proper with a title sequence that tells us that this is a Will Ngo film (remember that name), the word “film” raising expectations. The opening lives up to the hype with its cinematic qualities: wide angle shots, artsy black and white coloring, and a moving camera. The rest of the video matches the lyrics. Meek says I got no roof so they can see me shine. He shines all video long in cars, planes and a spotless mansion.

Video #2 brings us more Philly and more Will Ngo! And why not? It worked well the last time. No interlude for this banger called Difference; the video kick starts with a lone dancer in the street and only picks up steam from there. Sonny Digital laid down the Trap-esque beat, Quavo has a guest verse and Desiigner provides additional vocals. Difference, the most hype of the three songs, currently has the most views on YouTube.

You won’t guess who directs the last video (spoiler alert: It’s Will Ngo). Blue Notes isn’t just a name they picked out of a hat, or maybe it is, but either way the song starts with a blues riff. Mr. Ngo went with a throwback, grainy, home video look for a song with a throwback sample and it looks good.

Meek Mill probably won’t release anymore videos this week, but who knows? Maybe he and Mr. Ngo will do a video for every song on DC4.

The mixtape is available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Music.


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