Lil’ Wayne rants and the Internet shakes its head


Lil’ Wayne had some *ahem* interesting remarks when he was questioned about the Black Lives Matter movement yesterday on Nightline.

In the video above Lil’ Wayne feigns confusion when asked about BLM by ABC News’ Linsey Davis. He says, “What is that? What do you mean?” He goes on to point out that America has made him rich and that he’s being filmed by a White cameraman which proves that America understands that Black lives do matter. Later Lil’ Wayne says that he doesn’t feel connected to the movement (or anything “that ain’t got a damn thing to do with me”) and that if you do (and here he emphasizes not “the camera” but Ms. Davis) than you are a “crazy as sh**.”

The Twitter Reaction to Lil’ Wayne’s rant was quick, decisive and at times angry, humorous or sympathetic.



Humor and Social Critique:

By far the most interesting reaction came from 9th Wonder’s Twitter page. For those who don’t know 9th Wonder, he is a hip-hop record producer who has worked with many conscious hip-hop acts and mainstream acts as well. His first reaction to Lil’ Wayne’s tirade was a big fat “so what.”

9th Wonder’s first point is valid. The best selling artists are rarely the most conscious or the most experimental. People buy Kendrick Lamar’s records but Drake’s records fly off the shelves. After his initial tweet, 9th Wonder spent a lot of time arguing with people about who comes to conscious hip-hop shows (not many!) with his basic point being that Black people made a guy (Weezy) famous who doesn’t want to make socially conscious hip-hop. Weezy was chosen over Tribe, De La Soul, Common, Little Brother, Murs, Del, Slum Village, The Roots, Dead Prez and so many more.

Which brings 9th Wonder to his next point: Why are you surprised? As he pointed out time and time again yesterday on his Twitter page, to non-comprehending trolls, you shouldn’t be surprised by Lil’ Wayne’s opinions. He has been rapping for twenty years and he has never shown acumen for intelligently discussing any kind of social issue. Alright, he once made a comment about Hurricane Katrina, but that’s it. In general we know what Lil’ Wayne’s music is about and we know it’s not conscious.

Lil’ Wayne released a pseudo-apology today in which he blamed the whole thing on being upset about Davis’s questions about his daughter and misogyny in hip-hop. The reaction to the apology hasn’t been as strong though it’s safe to say it’s probably insufficient.



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