TGOD Mafia get Bossed Up


The video for Bossed Up was released on October 26, 2016.

Juicy J has a message and he makes it clear from the opening line of Bossed Up: If you rich then you a gangsta nig**/all the tough sh** that ain’t gangsta nig**. The video is a five minute anthem about spending money and enjoying life. Juicy J makes sure to have a good time because, as he says, Started off with nothing, now I’m bossed up.

In the video Juicy J portrays himself as the CEO and leader of a ragtag bunch of aspiring corporate employees. There’s the old guy drinking vodka from a mug, the blonde office vixen and the stubbly 20-something with a fake mustache and sunglasses. You know, the usual staff at any office. The video has a few visual gags (the leering old man, the fake mustache) but aside from that it’s as run-of-the-mill as a hip-hop video gets. In fact, during Juicy J’s initial verse the scene shifts to Juicy J at a strip club (where he is ‘making it rain’), seemingly to remind us that Juicy J is not in fact running a startup out of a brownstone. He is still the same rapper we’ve always known and loved.

Whiz Khalifa was also apparently concerned that people might think he was switching careers. By way of clarification his first appearance on camera shows him smoking the largest blunt he could find. Khalifia blows enough smoke to fill a corner office and still have copious amounts leak through the vents. The marijuana smoke travels through the vents and gives the employees of Bossed Up Inc. (a name I made up) a severe contact high.

The video, predictably, only gets more random after the weed hits. Three of the office workers go up on the roof and destroy office machines in a blatant homage to Office Space. Meanwhile, downstairs in the office, a slip-n-slide has been setup and a little person has come by to take the first ride.

Bossed Up is off of the album Rude Awakening the debut album from hip hop super group TGOD Mafia. The group consists of members Juicy J, Whiz Khalifa and producer TM88. The album was released in June.


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