Thandi hawa kali ghata aa hi gayi jhoomke – Geeta Dutt – O P Nayyar – Madhubala | Mr. and Mrs. ’55 (1955)


Movie: This song appeared in the romantic comic caper Mr. and Mrs. ’55, produced and directed by Guru Dutt under the banner of Guru Dutt Films. The movie starred late Guru Dutt, late Madhubala, late Lalita Pawar, late Johnny Walker, etc.

Preetam (Guru Dutt) is a struggling cartoonist and meets Anita (Madhubala) at a tennis match, as she watches her favorite tennis star Ramesh (Al Nasir). Anita is a westernized heir to a lot of wealth but is controlled by her feminist Aunt Sita Devi (Lalita Pawar). Sita is a misandrist and tries to cultivate the same attitudes in her ward, Anita. But, Anita has to get married within one month of her 21st birthday to avail of her fortune. Anita is in love with Ramesh. But he does not reciprocate the same feelings. The moment she gets to know about the fortune, she goes to the swimming pool, where Ramesh is present, swimming. It is at that time that she sings this song.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music was composed by O P Nayyar.

This song is the celebration of youth and love.

Video: Cinematography is by V K Murthy.

The video opens with Madhubala waving to someone on the other side of the swimming pool and running on the path close to the pool. Some people in swimsuits jump into the pool as the camera traces the path near the pool. Some girls begin the song for Madhubala and she takes over. 2 girls move along the path near the pool on either side of Madhubala with a spring in their step.

Madhubala is picturized holding an open umbrella above her head and continuing her song. Some men dive into the pool from the diving board. Madhubala reclines on a seat and continues the song. She prances with 2 girls on either side of her holding umbrellas and ducking when 2 other girls come from the opposite side.

The video ends with Madhubala running up the staircase toward the upper diving board, where Al Nasir is preparing to dive into the pool.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Geeta Dutt, while the onscreen performances are by Madhubala and other girls.

Cultural Influence: The heroine nurtures a one-sided love for a man and goes to visit the man in a swimming pool to tell him that she would get her inheritance only after marriage and insists that they marry soon. She dances with a group of girls. This is an entirely filmi sequence. The video can be watched for Madhubala and the song.


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