Mujhko chand lake do – Asha – Rajesh Roshan – Madhuri Dixit | Khel (1992)


Movie: This song appeared in 1992 romantic comic caper Khel (Game) directed by Rakesh Roshan and produced by Karan Singh and R A Singh under the banner of Shiv Bhakti Films. The movie starred Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Sonu Walia, Anupam Kher, Mala Sinha, Prem Chopra, Vijayendra Ghatge, Sharda, etc. The story of this film is similar to the Hollywood movies Bedtime Story and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Sulakshana Devi (Mala Sinha) is a rich widow and has recently lost her son Ravi (Vijayendra Ghatge) as well to an accident. She now lives with her caretaker Balwant (Prem Chopra). A woman called Kamini (Sharda) approaches her to inform her that she is carrying Ravi’s child. Sulakshana does not believe Kamini and throws her out of her house. Ravi’s friend Sanjay Gupta (Vivek Vaswani) informs Sulakshana that Kamini was indeed truthful about her pregnancy. Now, Sulakshana tries to look for Kamini, everywhere in a bid to bring her home. But, years pass with no news about Kamini.

A young man Arun (Anil Kapoor) is a thief, who steals a lot of money and jewelry from a jeweler. Then, he goes to visit a club, where Seema (Madhuri Dixit) is giving a dance performance on this song.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Javed Akhtar and the music is by Rajesh Roshan.

The girl in this song demands unattainable things from her beloved promising that if he brings them to her, she would do what he wanted her to do for him.

Video: Cinematography is by late Pushpal Dutta.

The video opens with shining lights in the club, the camera tracing a staircase to the top of it, where Madhuri Dixit is standing. When she climbs down, she is holding a cigarette and a couple of her co-dancers help her in lighting it. She whistles in tune with the song and begins to dance with her co-dancers.

Anil Kapoor is watching her, smoking a cigarette himself. Madhuri Dixit drops the ashes of her cigarette into the hands of the co-dancers. One of them removes the cigarette from her hand and drops it away from the stage. Then, she removes her cape. She winks at Anil Kapoor, who nods with a smile.

Anupam Kher comes dancing into the club. Madhuri Dixit begins to dance among the audience. She climbs on the stairs and the video ends with everybody clapping their hands.

Artists: The playback singer of this song is Asha Bhonsle and the onscreen performance of the song was by Madhuri Dixit.

Cultural Influence: The heroine is performing a western dance in a club. This song only has a filmi influence and nothing else from this song and dance sequence. The song has been rendered fantastically by my favorite singer Ashaji. The video can be watched for the song several times.


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