Putting “Stand by Me” Back Into The Spotlight, Prince Royce Reinvents This Classical Song

Prince Royce


You might be familiar with the 1961, Ben E. King “Stand By Me”, what a classic! In 2010, Latin pop singer, Prince Royce did a remake of this exact song earning him endless amounts of publicity. And he didn’t do it alone, Ben E King performed this single alongside of Prince Royce November 11, 2010. Due to the friendship Prince Royce and Ben shared, some speculate that this song was more of a tribute to Ben, due to his death a few months after the performance, but it’s never really been clear. One thing is for sure, it did not take long before the song was heard at every Latin parties, restaurants and more.

At the age of 21 Prince Royce debuted with his own version of this classic, placing “Stand by Me” back into the spotlight, while adding his own style to it. His style consist of a dance known as “Batchata”, which is very popular with Latinos all over the globe, and to top it off he made the song bilingual. By making this ALREADY popular song bilingual, Prince Royce was able to reach both English and Spanish speaking audience.

Not long after this song was debuted in 2010, this song made top 3 on music count downs finally earning him a Latin Grammy Award, Billboard Latin Music Award, and several more. It just goes to show that even at a young age, you can still accomplish anything you set your mind to.

That is a philosophy Prince believes and hopes to pass down to his audience. He is an inspiration to follow for millions as well as myself. Not only is his music warm to the ear, it is wonderful to sing along to. Listen to this “Batchata” singer’s first single, and keep an open mind.


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