The song “Deewani Mastani,” from 2015 movie “Bajirao Mastani,” was composed by lyricists  Siddharth-Garima, Nasir Faraaz, and Ganesh Chandanshive, and sung by popular vocalists Shreya Ghoshal and Ganesh Chandanshive.

Lyrics : “Nabhatun aali apsara..- Khayaloon mein utra hai” translated perfectly describe-Mastani, a beautiful warrior determined to face any challenges that comes her way. Ferocity contrasts her tendency to be extremely sensitive, emotional, a nurturer,  a lover, a friend.

The song shares the love story of Brahmin born Maratha Peshwa ( Prime Minister) ‘Bajirao’ and ‘Mastani’, daughter to the Hindu king. When the Hindu empire was under the threat , Mastani father called on Bajirao to protect his kingdom. It was under pretenses that Bajirao and Mastani locked eyes, and their meeting was love at the first sight. Feeling indebted for the enormous favour, Mastani’s father gifted her to Bajirao.Though Bajirao was also married to ‘ Kashibai’,he took her to his kingdom as second wife.In Bajirao’s kingdom, Mastani was exiled by the Brahmin community because of her mother’s identity as a Muslim and court dancer. Bajirao’s mother and the whole brahmin community were outraged and unwilling to accept ‘Mastani’ in their community but instead allotted her a separate place to stay outside the kingdom.

Song ‘ Deewani Mastani’-takes place after Bajirao marries Mastani and does leaves Mastani behind in her place for fear of his first wife and son. But Mastani, determined to make her place in Bajirao’s heart, comes down to his kingdom and is allowed to stay in a room outside the palace where court dancers stay. The very next day Mastani disrupts a public gathering in the palace and dances gracefully while singing openly to Bajirao:

“When you saw me I fell in love, the story of my love got famous

 What the world didn’t admit, so I have also decided

  Where was I and where have I reached.

  The community says that I have become crazy in love.

  You hurt me in a way that I fell in love,

  You did save me in a way that I got spiritual, at least now try to identify my    love

  I got slow of waves and this story of mine got famous and the world say my love is crazy but     still I love you.

 Everything is spread out like light, I only dream about you and this heart begins to dance when I think about you. You are very dear to me”

While ‘Mastani’ dances in complete abandonment, ‘Bajirao’ watches her stoic face in a complete enhancement. The two minute song is so beautifully captured in muted colours -that while song itself is quite forgettable , visuals aren’t . It is easy to get sucked into emotions and drama in two minute long song. Not only the visuals but also the costume and set will grab your eyeballs.

The song is inspired by “Mughal-e;Azam” a 1960s epic historical drama-in a scene and briefly summarizes the plot of “Bajirao Mastani.” The song is slow and monotonous, but it’s devotional ‘Qawwali’ music blend makes it ‘nasheela’ (intoxicating).


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