A Need for Stricter Punishment for Rapists


Cities like Delhi have been defamed with merciless actions of men slogging women with cruelty for personal pleasure. The law needs to become harsher to indict the fear of punishment in a perpetrator.

According to Hindustan Times, the case dated on August 1,2016 of robbery and alleged rape of a 13 year old innocent child and her 35 year old mother in Bulandshahr, Meerut has reminded us again that things have not changed despite the vast media gathering and public outrages on streets done in multiple cases, such as in the case of Nirbhaya, that received mass attention just a few years back on December 16, 2012.

The rapist in Bulandshahr who made the women die a ruthless death was released on the grounds of being minor and immature.

“Please, for heaven’s sake, take decisive action and punish the perpetrators of the ghastly crime at the earliest,” said Congress chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala. According to a media report, this statement from Surjewala was made stronger with comments from Union Minister Mahesh Sharma, BJP MP from Bulandshahr Bhola Singh, and more. They speak of pain and sin and of decisive actions. Every conversation that follows an incident like this is just going to get the media attention for some time, then die down, leaving victims to struggle alone.

From the above cases, we can make out that a woman is often left in a vegetative state, and can die a slow brutal death. If she sustains and tries to live, she is not accepted by society easily. A rape not only kills her dignity but her confidence, her faith, her spirit, and her life.

Punishment for these perpetrators is only in the form of a detainment in jail for 7 years or more. Many rapes are committed by felons who have obtained one or more offenses. The punishment of a rapist is imprisonment for 9.8 years but the actual time served is 5.4 years which is not in any way equivalent to the pain they give to a woman through their act.

India now stands in the top 10 among countries facing highest number of rapes, as well as a huge number of unreported cases.A new rape case is reported in India every 22 minutes. Other countries with a lower number of rape cases like Saudi Arabia, China, and Iran have stricter punishments for rape.  Harsher punishments include a painful death by stone pelting, sterilization of the male organ to stop reproduction capability, and 100 lashes with jail imprisonment.

A harsher punishment is needed in India. Until that is done, the rapist will not fear the law enforcement and our country will remain featured in the media.

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