Mere neendon mein tum – Kishore/Shamshad – O P Nayyar | Naya Andaz (1956)


There are 2 versions of this song – one happy and the other sad. I have selected the former.

Movie: This song appears in 1956 social drama Naya Andaz (New Style) produced and directed by K Amarnath under the banner of K Amarnath Productions. The movie starred late Kishore Kumar, late Meena Kumari, late Johnny Walker, late Murad, late Pran, etc.

Chand (Kishore Kumar) is an aspiring lyricist and singer. He visits a dance show by Mala (Meena Kumari) and is overwhelmed with her performance. He tries to get the job of a lyricist with the company for which Mala performs dances. But, his father (Murad) spoils it. Chand leaves his home in disappointment and frustration. He takes Karim (Johnny Walker) and his girlfriend Raina (Kum Kum) to Bombay (Mumbai now) to try his luck displaying his musical talent. In that city, he stays with a taxi driver friend. The 3 of them start doing shows and Mala’s attention is attracted toward them, she having traveled to Mumbai with her company. Mala eventually convinces the owner of her company Ashok (Pran) to hire Chand. Late one night, Chand asks Mala to visit him for a rehearsal since he had made a song just then. It is at this time that they sing this song.

Song: The music of this song was composed by O P Nayyar and the lyrics were penned by Jan Nisar Akhtar.

The man says that his beloved is present in his dreams. He has disappeared in her love. The girl requests the man to listen to the voice of her heart since she has selected him from among several people. Thus, they inform each other how important they are for each other.

Video: Cinematography is by Vasant Nagesh Buva.

The video begins with Meena Kumari and Kishore Kumar looking at each other. Kishore Kumar sits on the stool near the piano and begins to play it. He also begins to sing the song. Meena Kumari is reading the written song and joins him in the song. The next shot is of the stage, where both of them are dancing to a packed audience.

There is one aspect of Meena Kumari that attracts me, whenever she is onscreen. There was a problem with one of the fingers of her left hand. She always hides it. I have also noticed that she makes use of that hand less often while dancing.

Pran, Johnny Walker, Kum Kum and another man are watching the performance on the stage but hidden from the audience. The video ends with the curtain going down.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Kishore Kumar and Shamshad Begum and the onscreen performances are by Kishore Kumar and Meena Kumari. Pran, Johnny Walker, Kum Kum, etc. look on.

Cultural Influence: The gist of the song often forms the subject of spoken conversation between friends. This being a movie, the makers have placed a song here. The song is very melodious. The video can be watched for the senior artists and the song.


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