Jab hum jawan honge – Lata/Shabbir – R D Burman – Amrita Singh/Sunny Deol | Betaab (1983)


Movie: This song appears in 1983 hit romantic caper Betaab (Impatient) directed by Rahul Rawail and produced by Bikram Sing Dahal under the banner of Vijeta Films. The movie starred Sunny Deol, Amrita Singh, late Nirupa Roy, late Shammi Kapoor, etc. The movie was remade into Samrat in Telugu in 1987.

Sunny (Sunny Deol) is a young and poor, happy-go-lucky guy, living with his mother Sumitra (Nirupa Roy) in his farm in Tikam Garh. His father Avinash was a big businessman, but went bankrupt and committed suicide. Sardar Dinesh Singh Girji (Shammi Kapoor) was Avinash’s friend. This rich and most influential person in the city turned his back to Avinash’s family when Avinash had gone bankrupt. Sardar’s daughter Roma (Amrita Singh) is a spoilt brat and accustomed to always being served by people around her. She was Sunny’s childhood friend.

When Sardar purchases a new horse farm near Sunny’s farm, Roma comes to Tikam Garh with friends to have a look at the farm. Sunny has to take his mother to the railway station because she has to attend the hearing for a court case that has been going on for years. At that time, Sunny encounters Roma after several years. Having seen her picture in a magazine, he immediately recognizes her. But, Roma doesn’t. They meet often coincidentally at various times in the farm. They fight continuously, but soon Roma finds out that Sunny is her childhood friend. It is at that time that they sing this song, though the instrumental music of this song appears a couple of times before this. According to the movie, this song was first sung by the lead pair during their childhood.

Song: Music of this song was composed by R D Burman and the lyrics were penned by Anand Bakshi.

The girl says that when they would attain youth, they don’t know where they would be. But, wherever they would be they would pray for each other. If this childhood love would be lost, their hearts would become empty. They would remember each other and make their love bloom again. The boy says that he would talk about how she would walk and laugh to others. If they have to part and live separately, they would waste their youth. They would think of each other.

Video: Cinematography was by Manmohan Singh.

The video begins with Sunny Deol thinking about his childhood when he was together with his beloved. A small girl and a boy are seen running in slow motion. The recording has been made in a faded manner. In the next shot, Amrita Singh has realized that Sunny Deol is her childhood love and begins the song. Sunny is playing the guitar, right then. He stands up and looks at Amrita Singh happily.

Amrita Singh climbs down the staircase and hugs Sunny Deol. Soon, Sunny Deol joins in singing the song. The video ends with a jeep coming to pick up Amrita Singh.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Shabbir Kumar and the onscreen performances are by Amrita Singh and Sunny Deol.

Cultural Influence: This song is a remembrance song of the lead pair of their childhood in the movie. Usually, people would talk to each other about such topics. This being a movie, the makers have placed a song here. The song is good and the video is watchable for the artists and the song.


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