Chance the Rapper & Frank Ocean attend the final Obama State Dinner


For his final State Dinner President Barack Obama invited Chance the Rapper and Frank Ocean, among many others, to the White House on October 18, 2016.

Chance the Rapper was excited about the visit to the White House. He sent out several tweets during the dinner. Before the dinner he sent one that detailed his wardrobe and thanked his father for “raising him right.”

Frank Ocean came to the event with no tie, no belt and slip-on checkered vans because he can. The outfit looked very suave and on his arm was his lovely mother.

The event was not the first time the Obamas have had rappers or hip-hop musicians at the White House. Here is a list of 10 other rappers who have been to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Common made the list. He was invited to a poetry reading in 2011. His appearance was met with some controversy when media outlets pointed to some of Common’s controversial lyrics over the years. Jon Stewart, then of The Daily Show, was quick to point out Johnny Cash’s lyrics which did not keep him from attending a White House event in 2002.

Although this State Dinner didn’t feature any hip-hop acts (Chance and Mr. Ocean did not perform at the dinner), the Obamas have had many hip-hop and R&B artists perform at State Dinners in the past: Beyonce in 2010, John Legend in 2012, Mary J. Blige in 2014 and Neyo in 2015.

And of course President Obama has not been shy about his fandom for certain hip-hop artists. His summer playlist featured Wale, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Common, Aloe Blacc and Nas. On October 19th Obama revealed that his workout playlist includes Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Drake, and Jay-Z.

And if you needed anymore proof that the Obama’s like hip-hop (or you just want to relive one of the great moments in TV history) please see Michelle Obama below.


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