Kodak Black releases another track from prison


Kodak Black released a new track titled Chances on October 17, 2016.

The song opens with Black, who is currently incarcerated, rapping about his last run in with the law: Damn!/There them cracker go again/Freeze let me see your hands/Shit ain’t go the way I plan/Nig*** out here taking chances/Out here you gotta take a chance. Black is currently serving a four month sentence for two misdemeanor drug charges. He won’t have to serve the entire sentence as he was credited for time spent in custody while awaiting trial.

Black has said that his music is about “previous and future criminal misdeeds” and on Chances there are more references to criminal behavior and drug dealing. He living off of pots and pans is a coded reference to making money from cooking drugs. Later Kodak talks about Molly (MDMA), Xan (Xanax) and Smoking broccoli to the stem.

Chances is a quick tune, clocking in at under two minutes, but it’s enjoyable. Black has a smooth flow and the song employs an AABA rhyming structure, at times, that raises the song from basic to above average. Don’t let them tell you that you can’t/Cause I already know I can/How the fuck you finna tell me/I do whatever cause I can.

The song was produced by CclipBeatz, a frequent Kodak Black contributor. Black’s incarceration hasn’t stopped him from creating new music. This is the second song released by Black since he has been behind bars. In June Black’s camp released the mixtape Lil B.I.G. Pac. It has gotten solid reviews from hip-hop enthusiasts.

Black still faces a charge of criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina. Hopefully once this spate of legal troubles is cleared up Black will be able to concentrate on music and stay out of jail.


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