Ghadi Milan ki aayi tu chutti lekar aaja – Rafi/Sulakshana Pundit – Rajesh Roshan – Mahmood/Moushumi Chatterjee | Ek Baap Chhe Bete (1978)


Movie: This song appears in 1978 family drama Ek Baap Chhe Bete (One Father 6 Sons) directed by late Mahmood and produced by Ashok Shinde under the banner of Shinde Enterprises. The movie starred Mahmood, Moushumi Chatterjee, Yogita Bali, late Mukri, etc.

Mahesh (Mahmood) is a film actor married to Madhu (Moushumi Chatterjee) and they have 3 children. One night, Mahesh tells his wife to come to their bedroom. But, she is busy taking care of their 3 children. Thus, Mahesh sings this song and Madhu joins him in it.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Rajesh Roshan and the lyrics were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

The man insists that his wife comes to their bedroom for the night. But, his wife is busy with the children. She has to take care of the children as well as her husband. That is the tragedy in the life of ladies!

Video: Cinematography is by P D Niklankar.

The video begins with Mahmood telling Moushumi Chatterjee to come into their bedroom. But, Moushumi Chatterjee declines. He opens the door to the children’s bedroom and pleads with her. She shows the youngest child and says she can’t come in gestures. He goes back to their bedroom and looks at his watch. Then, he begins the song.

She replies in the song itself as she comes into the bedroom. As he pulls her into his arms, they hear the cries of the children. She pushes him away and goes to the children’s bedroom to make them sleep. He again comes back to the door of the children’s bedroom and whistles for her. She hushes him. But, he continues the song in a low tone.

He goes back to their bedroom and she comes there too. The video ends with both of them on the bed and covering themselves with the blanket.

Artists: The playback singers are Mohammad Rafi and Sulakshana Pundit and onscreen performances are by Mahmood and Moushumi Chatterjee.

Cultural Influence: This song depicts the feelings of a married couple. Usually, they would share their thoughts, verbally. Here, the makers have woven those thoughts into a song because it is a movie. The video is watchable due to the artists and the song.


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