Non-Film Music also a Form of Expression – Rimi Nique


Rimi Nique is a singer, whose Naach meri jaan… from ABCD2 did well. With several non-filmi compositions on the way, Rimi is looking forward to a good professional journey in music. We had interviewed the singer-songwriter recently. Excerpts:

Early Years: Born in Bangkok, Thailand into a Sikh Punjabi family, she is a 3rd generation Thai-Indian. She is the eldest daughter, who studied in the American International School. Their Sikh community in Bangkok is a very tight knit one.

Initiation into Music: Music was always there for Rimi. She added, “My first stage was the Gurudwara- I sang kirtans with my grandmother. Then I joined different choirs and did talent shows in school. That continued in college. Music was always a hobby of mine and it slowly and steadily became the only thing I wanted to do after I graduated. My whole family is musical, loved music, but no one had really pursued it fully.”

Rimi Nique
Rimi Nique

Parents’ Reaction: A career in music is very unreliable and unpredictable. Obviously, parents would be apprehensive about their child taking this career. Regarding her parents, Rimi clarified, “I’m doing music because of my parents as they were the ones that believed in me and supported me. I guess they saw that music is what really made me happy.”

Work: Work for Rimi began way back in college. She continued, “My first album was a fun college album with my band in America. It was basically a live recording in a made up studio in a house. It was quite an adventure. It was a jazz indie folk pop album- very raw and real. Then I worked on my own songs, which are about to be released very soon! Stay tuned.”

Her very first Bollywood track was as a playback singer and songwriter for ABCD2Naach meri jaan… and the acoustic version of Naach meri jaan… coming soon too.

She added, “Big things are happening! I’m very excited. Watch this space!”

Why Non-Film Albums: We asked when you have Bollywood assignments, why do you have to make non-film albums? What are the main objectives driving you to make these albums? And that too, when people stream it from the net for free, how lucrative can the profession be? She replied, “Music is a form of expression. It’s something I will keep doing regardless of an assignment or not. I prefer making music than talking – singing comes out right. While talking I always fumble for words somehow. (Laughs) So it’s best for everyone if I keep singing! It’s who I am and it’s a big part of my life before it was a career. It keeps me sane, keeps me happy and keeps my friends, family and fans happy. What else would I do if not this! Besides, if you are doing what you love, it never feels like work. (Smiles) Music is healing, let it be free! (Smiles).

Spare-Time Activities: Her hobbies include playing sports (basketball, badminton, anything I can pick up!), dancing, watching movies and adventures/traveling, exploring the world!

Future: For Rimi future holds inMaking a difference in the world, hopefully, one song at a time (Smiles). Whatever it is, though, I want to be doing what I love and be happy!”


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