Jab tum chale jaoge toh yaad bahut aaoge – Lata – R D Burman –Parveen Babi | Bullet (1976)


Movie: This song appears in the 1976 movie Bullet produced and directed by Vijay Anand for Navketan Productions. This movie starred late Dev Anand, late Parveen Babi, Sonia Sahni, Jyoti Bakshi (debut) and Rakesh Roshan.
Durgaprasad (Kabir Bedi) or DP’s nefarious activities are being followed by Police Inspector Dharam Dev (Dev Anand). However, Durgaprasad’s cunning and shrewdness keeps him elusive. To ensnare him, Dharam Dev begins to get close to Sapna (Parveen Babi). During a party in Sapna’s place, she sees his police identity card and gets upset. She actually cries. But, she recovers from the shock soon and begins this song.
The lyrics of this song were penned by late Anand Bakshi and the music was composed by R D Burman.

The girl says that she would miss her beloved when he leaves her. She also requests him to give her his picture, before leaving. She also indirectly says that she knows he has kept a secret from her. She tells him not to make her desperate since she has to part ways with him.

Video: The cinematography is by Jal Mistry.

The video begins with Parveen Babi sobbing desperately in front of the mirror in her bedroom. Her friends are dancing in the hall. Dev Anand is standing on the balcony of the hall. He goes to Parveen Babi’s bedroom door and asks her where she has gone and hidden herself. He also asks her if she would come out when he would leave.

She looks at the identity card of Dev Anand and wipes her tears, beginning the song. She comes to the door and smiles at him. Dev Anand has his back toward the camera. Then, she hugs him showing the identity card to the camera. She goes back into her bedroom and places the identity card inside her wardrobe and comes back to the hall.

They all begin to dance together. She serves some cool drinks. Couples play some games with the glass bottles of the drinks. Dev Anand and Parveen Babi are playing with one bottle. They separate and the bottle falls down to break. She takes the pieces to the dustbin and drops them there. Dev Anand looks at her strangely.

She goes to the fridge and picks up a plate of grapes from inside it. The grapes are tied to a couple of strings and couples have to pull them on either side with their mouths to eat the grapes at the end. In this game, they should not use their hands. Dev Anand is playing this game with another girl. When he is unable to pull the string to bring the grape close enough, he pulls it with his own hand and eats it up. The girl points out that he has cheated. Parveen Babi pacifies her and the girl moves toward someone else to dance with them.

Parveen Babi also dances with someone else. The video ends with Parveen Babi going to the balcony and standing there watching the sea. Only her shadow is seen.

Artists: The playback singer of this song is Lata Mangeshkar and the onscreen performances are by Parveen Babi, Dev Anand and others.

Cultural Influence: The heroine requests the hero that while going back from the party, he should give her his picture. There are a few games for couples shown in the video. The video can be watched for Dev Anand and the melodious song.


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