Ajaa piya tohe pyar doon – Lata – R D Burman – Asha Parekh | Baharon Ke Sapne (1967)


Movie: This song appears in 1967 social drama Baharon Ke Sapne (Dreams of Spring) produced and directed by Nasir Husain. The movie starred late Rajesh Khanna, Asha Parekh, late Prem Nath, late Madan Puri, late Rajinder Nath, late Anwar Hussain, late Nana Palsikar, Sulochana Latkar, etc.

Mill worker Bholanath (Nana Palsikar) lives in a small industrial town near Bombay (Mumbai) with his wife Gauri (Sulochana Latkar), his son Ramaiya (Rajesh Khanna) and daughter Champa. Ramaiya is the only one in the town, who has completed graduation in Arts and is currently looking for a job. Times are difficult and jobs are all the more difficult to come by.

When Bholanath returns home from the mill, the family is waiting for Ramaiya to return with the good news of finding a job. But, when he returns home, it is in a dejected manner that he has no job as yet. However, Bholanath is optimistic and plans to take his son to his manager the next day for a job. Ramaiya is very depressed that he has not fulfilled his family’s expectations. He goes outside and sits in a rejected plot, where dried leaves have fallen on the ground. As he thinks about his family’s expectations from him, a girl’s voice is heard singing this song. It is Geeta (Asha Parekh), his childhood friend.

Song: The music of this song was composed by R D Burman and the lyrics were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

The man is sad and is in stress. The girl says, “Come to me I will remove all your worries. Give me all your sorrow and I will give you my happiness. That way both of us will be able to live a better life. Let the people of the world create obstacles in your path. I will remove them with my eyes. I am sitting here for you. Though there are streams of tears running from our eyes, one smile of yours with love can stop them. I have still not lost hope. Listen to me.” This is the gist of the song.

Video: An award-winning cinematography is by Jal Mistry.

The video begins with Rajesh Khanna sitting in sorrow almost in tears. At that time, Asha Parekh begins this song. Rajesh Khanna is holding some aerial roots of a banyan tree and rolling one of them on his finger. This is a dry area, where the people living in the shanty nearby would fill water for their families, wash and dry clothes.

Asha Parekh sits down in a clean place. Rajesh Khanna remembers her as a child. She is sitting like she would as a child. He smiles slightly at the recollection. He also remembers how he would help her carry a bucket of water from a community tap nearby. She remembers how she would share some peanuts with him as a child when he would be studying alone.

What impressed me most besides the fantastic cinematography is the way the lead pair has been picturized. Though the song says give me your tired hands, they do not come close to each other. All the love that they have for each other is depicted from a distance very well.

As she fills water in a metal bucket, Rajesh Khanna stands up and leaves. The video ends with Asha Parekh turning toward where he was sitting and getting surprised.

Artists: The playback singer of this song is Lata Mangeshkar. Onscreen performances are by Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh.

Cultural Influence: The hero is sad and the heroine requests him to come closer to her and share his sorrow. This can happen in real life as well. This is a movie so they have taken the cinematic liberty to weave a song from words. The lead pair is legendary and the song is melodious and meaningful, therefore the video can be watched several times.


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