Tumne kisiki jaan ko jate hue dekha hai – Rafi – Shankar-Jaikishan – Shammi Kapoor | Rajkumar (1964)


Movie: This song appears in the 1964 hit costume drama Rajkumar (Prince) produced by G N Velumani and directed by K Shankar. The movie starred late Shammi Kapoor, late Sadhana, late Pran, late Prithviraj Kapoor, late Om Prakash, late Rajinder Nath, etc.

The king (Prithviraj Kapoor) is eager to see his son Bhanu Pratap (Shammi Kapoor), who has returned from abroad after completing his education. Someone tries to shoot the prince when he is on the way home. When the king sees his son, he is stunned to see that the crown prince is actually a clown prince. He is very open about his disappointment and disgust and continues to rule the country. Bhanu Pratap and his friend Kapil (Rajinder Nath) decide to dress as common people and mingle with the ordinary public to find out if someone is trying to dethrone the king.

Bhanu Pratap in the guise of a common man saves the life of the tribal princess Sangeeta (Sadhana) and takes her to her place so that she can be crowned as the queen. He has already fallen in love with her. She also reciprocates the feelings. This song appears here and Bhanu Pratap sings it for the princess Sangeeta.

Song: Hasrat Jaipuri had penned the lyrics of this song and the music was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan.

This song is sung by a man for his beloved. His beloved is upset and he tries to pacify her by singing this song.

Video: Cinematography G Singh’s picturization is worth watching.

The video begins with a show of strength between Shammi Kapoor and Sadhana in a hand-to-hand combat. Both are trying to win over the other. Sadhana is upset and angry with Shammi Kapoor. She kicks him and pushes him away simultaneously. Sadhana goes away leaving him behind.

He rolls over on the sloping edge of the road and turns to begin this song. Shammi Kapoor follows Sadhana to appease her. This song has been shot on the Mahabalipuram beach and near the temples.

They shift to a jungle now, where both Sadhana and Shammi Kapoor swing holding on to the aerial roots of a banyan tree. They shift to another place and Shammi Kapoor tries to hold her hand. She tells him to do some sit-ups as punishment and he does it to mollify her. She is pleased with it. There is a lot of fog in the place. We can see the fog machines doing their work.

The video ends with Sadhana approaching Shammi Kapoor from behind and standing close to him.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Mohammad Rafi. Onscreen performances are by Sadhana and Shammi Kapoor.

Cultural Influence: The heroine shows that she is upset, but it is a mock upset. The hero follows her to appease her. If Shammi Kapoor had been a Bharatanatyam dancer; his grace, his actions and his expressions would be a lot to write home about. The video can be watched several times for Shammi Kapoor.


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