Tumhari nazar kyon khafa ho gayi – Rafi/Lata – Ravi – Biswajeet/Mala Sinha | Do Kaliyan (1968)


There are 2 versions of this song – happy and sad. I have chosen the happy one.

Movie: This song appears in the 1968 romantic family drama Do Kaliyan (2 Buds) produced by M Murugan, M Kumaran and M Saravanan and directed by Krishnan-Panju. It starred Biswajeet, Mala Sinha, late Mahmood, Neetu Singh (Baby Sonia), late Om Prakash, late Nigar Sultana, late Manorama, etc. The movie took generously from Twice upon a Time (1953) and The Parent Trap (1961). These 2 movies were the celluloid version of a novel Lottie and Lisa by Erich Kastner. It is an actual remake of the Tamil movie Kuzhandayum Deivam.

The beginning of the movie is a typical boy-teases-girl affair, which peters down to the song. Kiran (Mala Sinha) and Shekhar (Biswajeet) study in the same college. Kiran is a typical rich brat and Shekhar lives on someone’s charity. Even Shekhar does not know who that someone is. To teach Shekhar a lesson, Kiran takes him in her car to a lonely place and leaves him there. When Shekhar walks his way back, he finds Kiran’s car disabled and the girl looking inside the boot. There is no other alternative than for both to stay the night at that place. Shekhar tells Kiran to stay in the car and he goes to lie on a hay stack on the field nearby. Feeling lonely, Kiran walks toward him and lies down nearby. It is at this time that Shekhar begins to tease her again and both sing this song.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Ravi and the lyrics were penned by Sahir Ludhyanvi. The instrumental version of this song appears when credits are shown.

This song has a teasing quality in it. The man is teasing the girl, though she is upset with him. Eventually, she reconciles with him.

Video: Cinematography is by S Maruti Rao.

The video begins with Biswajeet teasing Mala Sinha and smiling about it. Music has already begun. They are both lying on a large haystack. Mala Sinha gets down from it and walks away. But, Biswajeet follows her and catches hold of her hand. She jerks her hand and pushes him back on the haystack.

Biswajeet begins the song and Mala Sinha replies to his question while singing the song. She begins dancing with Biswajeet joining her from time to time. Mala Sinha walks on the wall of an open well and goes to a large rock to sit down. Biswajeet follows her to appease her.

Biswajeet’s comic antics make Mala Sinha laugh. The video ends with both of them sitting together on the large haystack.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar and Biswajeet and Mala Sinha have lip-synced to the song.

Cultural Influence: The hero and heroine reveal what is in their hearts in a song form. In reality, boy and girl would reveal their feelings in speech. The lead pair is good and the song is also very good. Thus, the video can be watched several times.


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