Thandi hawayen leherati aaye – Lata – S D Burman – Nalini Jaywant | Naujawan (1951)


The music of this song is lilting and I would even call it haunting.

Movie: This song appears in the 1951 romantic movie Naujawan (Youth) produced by Ashfaq Malik and directed by Mahesh Kaul. The movie starred late Prem Nath, late Nalini Jaywant, S N Banerjee, etc.

Kamala Das’s (Nalini Jaywant) father wants to announce his daughter’s engagement with his friend Lala Shobharam’s (S N Banerjee) son, who is in love with someone else. Both the fathers compel their children for the engagement when Kamala’s friend tells Kamala’s father that her friend is in love with someone called Raj Kumar Saxena. Kamala’s father gives them 15 days to locate the boyfriend and bring him in front of him. The girls search places like the club. Kamala almost gets jailed on the charge of stealing Rs.500 from a woman club member.

One day, Kamala’s friend leaves Kamala in the Victoria Gardens with a Rs.100 note for her expenses. There Kamala is hungry and wants to buy some peanuts. She gives the vendor the Rs.100 note. The vendor asks her how many packets she would want. A man lying on a nearby bench Raju (Prem Nath) helps her and pays the vendor 50 paise for the peanuts. Kamala is scared of the man and leaves the place after eating a few of the nuts.

The man follows her and at one point she gets angry to lash out at him. She asks him why he was following her. He only wants his 50 paise. She gives him the Rs.100 note and he leaves. Some time later he comes back and gets a lashing from Kamala. He gives her the change for the money she had given him! He compares her with the female monkey inside the cage nearby and leaves. Kamala has surprisingly fallen in love with him!

Back home, Kamala sings this song thinking he is with her and eating peanuts!

Song: The music of this song was composed by S D Burman and the lyrics were penned by Sahir Ludhyanvi.

This is a song of longing for the beloved. Words have been woven together in such a way that the girl thinks of inviting her beloved to her home. She is wondering how that can be done. She is also imagining that he is with her already and they are enjoying each other’s company.

Video: Cinematography is by Anwar Pabani.

The video begins with Nalini Jaywant’s friend running to the balcony to look at who is singing. Nalini Jaywant is singing the song. The actor playing her father looks at her placing his spectacles on his nose. Nalini Jaywant moves to the garden.

She sits on a ledge in the garden and imagines that she is lying on a bed in the balcony and Prem Nath comes to hold her hand to make her stand in front of him. They also dance together. Then, she imagines that he is sitting on a rock eating peanuts and she is dancing around him.

She begins to dance alone and is seen by all the people at her home including the actor playing her father. Embarrassed, she stops dancing. The video ends with her turning back to look at them again and again.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Lata Mangeshkar and onscreen performances are by Nalini Jaywant and Prem Nath.

Cultural Influence: Heroine has fallen in love with the hero. We don’t know about the hero, if he has fallen in love with her. The heroine imagines being with the hero and sings this song. The song is very good. Nalini Jaywant is a good veteran artist. The video is watchable several times.


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