Nainon mein darpan hai – Lata/Kishore – Bhupen Hazarika – Saira Banu/Vinod Khanna – | Aarop (1974)


Movie: This hit song is featured in the 1974 crime, suspense and romantic movie Aarop (Accusation), directed by Atma Ram. The movie starred Vinod Khanna, Saira Banu, late Vinod Mehra, late Rehman, late Johnny Walker, late Keshto Mukherjee, Paintal, late Bharat Bhushan, Bindu, Gulshan Arora, etc.

The main protagonist of the story is Subhash (Vinod Khanna), who is an advocate of people’s rights and fights against crime and injustice. He lives in Nandgaon and runs a fiery newspaper named Mashaal (Torch). He is the editor of the newspaper. He has a friend Ravi (Vinod Mehra), who is a lawyer. Aruna (Saira Banu) helps them both in their work. Aruna is a school teacher and is the adopted daughter of the priest of the Krishna temple Pujariji (Bharat Bhushan). Soon Subhash and Aruna fall in love with each other.

When 3 Aces Club, a gambling den comes up near the school, the threesome protests against it and find themselves up against hard core criminals. The gambling den is run by Kanchan (Bindu) and her rich businessman crony Makhan Lal Singh (Rehman), who keep a group of corrupt politicians in their pockets and a group of armed henchmen. Subhash begins to publish articles against 3 Aces Club vehemently. They retaliate by burning down the press. The fire is put out in time by a thoughtful Subhash and the villagers.

Subhash protests against the arson and manages to get the license of 3 Aces Club canceled. Beaming with the recent victory against the antagonists, Subhash visits Aruna in her school and takes her on his bicycle to the nearby river. Both begin this song on the way.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Bhupen Hazarika and the lyrics were penned by Maya Govind. The music of this song is played when the credits are shown.

The girl asks, “There is a mirror in my eyes and someone in the mirror, whom I see morning evening.”

The man replies, “Tell me. Reveal the secret. Let me also hear, holding my heart. It is either the earth or the sky. Either it is the Sun or the wind.”

The girl replies, “His name is Beloved.”

Next, the man asks the question, “She sings like intoxicated, attracts the heart and her voice feels sweet to the ear.”

The girl requests, “Tell me. Reveal the secret. My heart also sways today. It is either the cuckoo’s song or light anklets or the flute.”

The man replies, “Her name is Beloved.”

The girl asks another question, “He swaggers while he walks and he stays outside; he does not have a home.”

The man replies, “Tell me. Reveal the secret. Who are you indicating?”

She asks again, “Who are you indicating?”

The man replies, “He is either a yogi or mad man. It is either clouds or the edge of the sari.”

She replies, “His name is Beloved.”

In this song, the reply to all the 3 questions is Beloved in English. The Hindi words used were Sajan, Sajani and Pritam.

Video: Cinematography is by late V K Murthy.

The video begins with Vinod Khanna pedaling a bicycle and Saira Banu sitting in the front behind the control bar. Saira Banu begins the song and Vinod Khanna replies to the question in it. He cycles toward a river nearby and they get down. Now the locale that is picturized is very scenic.

Now, it is Vinod Khanna’s turn to ask a question. Saira Banu begins to reply and walks toward a large rock to sit on it. Vinod Khanna cycles in circles with Saira Banu inside the circle. Then, he takes the cycle toward Saira Banu, with her trying to avoid the large front wheel of the bicycle.

They are back in the same positions on the bicycle moving further. The video ends with Vinod Khanna cycling on a winding mountain road.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar and Saira Banu and Vinod Khanna lip-sync to the song.

Cultural Influence: The pair is of special friends. They share what they feel about each other through this song. This can happen in real life, too. But in real life, special friends talk to each other about their feelings. Here cinematic liberty has been taken and a song has been made out of the feelings of the couple. The video is watchable several times.


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