Jayiye aap kahan jayenge – Rafi/Asha Bhonsle – O P Nayyar – Biswajit/Asha Parekh | Mere Sanam (1965)


This song is again Asha2, with Asha Bhonsle singing for Asha Parekh. This song is one of the most popular ones from the team of Asha Bhonsle and late O P Nayyar.

Movie: This song appears in 1965 hit romantic comedy Mere Sanam (My Beloved) produced by G P Sippy and directed by Amar Kumar. The movie starred Asha Parekh, Biswajeet, late Pran, late Rajinder Kumar, late Achala Sachdev, late Dhumal, Mumtaz, etc. This song is considered one of the milestones in Hindi film music. The movie is unofficially remade from comical romance and Rock Hudson-starrer Come September (1961) directed by Robert Mulligan.

Neena (Asha Parekh) is traveling with her mother (Achala Sachdev) and some other female friends to a remote place. As part of their journey, they stay at a lodge. Kumar is another lodger and he finds the presence of the girls undesirable. The caretaker Shyam (Pran) explains that the man is mentally unstable and thinks that he is the owner of the bungalow. This part is very much like Kashmir Ki Kali (1964).

Several misunderstandings later, Kumar and Neena fall in love. Then suddenly, Shyam finds out that Neena’s mother (Achala Sachdev) is actually Kumar’s guardian Uncle’s (Nazir Hussain) wife. Shyam begins to woo Neena and she, in turn, makes a fool out of him. It is around this time that Neena sings this song for Kumar, waiting for him in their usual meeting place.

Song: The music of this song was composed by O P Nayyar and the lyrics were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

The girl says, “Wherever you go, your eyes will return looking for me. As you walk away, to long distances, my voice will haunt you forever. Wherever you will remember my love, some thorn will pierce your heart. When you will rise like my longing eyes, a branch will stop you like my arms. Look, you will not get comfort in any place other than my heart. You don’t have anyone other than my heart.”

Video: Cinematography is by K Vaikunth.

The video begins with Asha Parekh in a long shot looking for the source of the humming sound. In the close up shot, we can see that she is wearing a light colored salwar kameez. The humming voice is actually of Biswajit in the movie. When the voice stops, Asha Parekh is disappointed. The sound comes again and she feels happy.

She realizes that he is playing tricks with her. She begins the song and as she sings, the camera pans the landscape. The beautiful snow clad mountains and tall trees form the scenery. Biswajit is looking at her from his hiding place moving from one tree to the other.

Asha Parekh still tries to find him. Then she closes her eyes and he stands within her view in front of her. Right then, Pran finds them together in such a scenic locale and is upset. The video ends with Biswajit and Asha Parekh walking away from the place hand in hand.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Asha Bhonsle and onscreen performances are by Asha Parekh, Biswajit and Pran.

Cultural Influence: This song is more of a filmi culture. First, the heroine sings and the hero watches her in hiding. When the hero reveals himself and both of them come together, the villain watches in anger. This video is watchable for Asha Parekh, a versatile artist.


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