Jaipur se nikli gadi – Shailendra Singh/Asha Bhonsle – R D Burman – Rishi Kapoor/Sridevi | Gurudev (1993)


The lyrics of this song were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri Sahab, an asset in itself for the song. This song features Sridevi and she has performed the dance so well that it makes me all the more crazy about her. In the extended sequence before this song, her comic act is what memories are made up of.

Movie: This song appears in the 1993 action movie Guru-Dev (2 names) produced and directed by late Vinod Mehra. Due to the death of the director in 1990, the movie was left incomplete. Thus Raj Sippy took over the direction of the movie and released it 3 years later. The movie starred Rishi Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Sridevi (double role), late Pran, Danny Dengzongpa, Kader Khan, Lakshmikant Berde, Kiran Kumar, etc.

Inspector Dev Kumar (Rishi Kapoor) and Gaurav or Guru (Anil Kapoor) are childhood friends. Both fall in love at the same time, Dev with Priya (Sridevi) and Guru with Sonia (again Sridevi). Dev’s education has been taken care of by Guru’s father Kakhan (Danny Dengzongpa). While Dev is with the police, Guru’s father is a criminal don. One day, Kakhan’s rival gang leader Bhola Pandey (Kiran Kumar) leaves a time bomb in Anil Kapoor’s car. But, Dev gets into the car. Right then, he remembers that he left Priya’s scarf on the gate of Guru’s home. The moment, Dev touches the scarf, the time bomb goes off; injuring him severely. Guru rushes his friend to the hospital.

A recovering Dev gets withdrawal symptoms for alcohol, but Guru keeps it away from him. Thus, Dev calls Priya, who runs a country liquor shop. When Priya brings the liquor to him, he asks her to take him out, since he had got bored sitting inside the hospital ward. With a lot of difficulties and some comic drama, Priya takes him out and they board a train. It is at this time that Dev imagines that he and Priya sing this song.

Song: The music of this song was composed by R D Burman and the lyrics were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

The man says, “The train is leaving Jaipur to go to Delhi, slowly. The heart of the girl says dhak dhak, with that of the boy, slowly. Initially, only something happens. Then everything happens. I will remove my heart and place it on her palm.”

The girl repeats most of the lines, “The train is leaving Jaipur to go to Delhi, slowly. The heart of the girl says dhak dhak, with that of the boy, slowly. Initially, only something happens. Then everything happens. O Beloved, do take care.”

The man takes over, “When the railway tracks of my love have met your heart, let’s run the train of desires on it together.”

The girl informs, “Since the time the desire to meet you filled my heart, without bothering about what happens, I showed the green signal after waving the flag much.”

The man replies, “If that is your decision, look what all I do, slowly.”

The girl says, “Since when I am sending you signals, about what I like. If you want to understand, do. Otherwise, I am not going to repeat it.”

The man says, “If this is what you say, then even I have freedom. I will play the game of love with you, as many times as I like.”

The girl says, “Play with me by gathering me into your arms. Why are you winking from far off?”

Video: Cinematography is by Baba Azmi and S Pappu.

The video begins with Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi getting into an out-station train. As the train leaves the station, Rishi Kapoor imagines that he and Sridevi are visiting different places like carnivals and amusement parks and dance there. Sridevi looks like a mummy in the initial portion of the song!

There are a couple of changes in their dresses. Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor have danced so well and gracefully that there are no words to describe their performances. The video ends with both of them standing together.

Artists: The playback of this song has been sung by Shailendra Singh and Asha Bhonsle and the onscreen performances are by Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi.

Cultural Influence: This song has been picturized in different vehicles as well as in a carnival, with a comic touch. Both the actors are seniors in their field. The video can be watched several times for fun.


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