Gore hathon par na zulm karo – Rafi – Lakshmikant-Pyarelal – Shashi Kapoor | Pyar Kiye Ja (1966)


Movie: This song appears in the 1966 semi-hit comic caper Pyar Kiye Ja (Carry on Loving) directed by C V Sridhar. The movie starred late Kishore Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, late Mahmood, late Om Prakash, Mumtaz, Kalpana and Rajshree (South). This movie is considered to be a frame-by-frame remake of the Tamil Kadalikka Neramille (1964). It was also remade into the Telugu Preminchi Choodu (1965). Rajashree acted in all the 3 versions. The Tamil version was also remade into the Kannada Preethi Madu Thamashe Nodu.

The Hindi version got Filmfare Best Comedian Award for Mahmood. Om Prakash only got a nomination for the same award. Movie expert Rajesh Subramaniam has said that Mahmood won the B R Chopra instituted Radhakrishan award as well for the role of the best comedian. This award was in honor of the yesteryears’ comedian Radhakrishan. Mahmood has said in an interview that Om Prakash equally deserved the award since his fantastic timing and reactions made the scenes more entertaining.

Ashok Verma (Shashi Kapoor) gets a job in a company owned by Ramlal (Om Prakash). Within 6 months, Ashok is fired by Ramlal, since he misbehaved with his 2 daughters. Ashok protests by camping outside Ramlal’s bungalow. Ashok likes one of the daughters Nirmala (Rajashree). One day, both the girls go for a ride in their car and Ashok follows them in his jeep to puncture one of the tires of the car. When the 2 girls try to change the tire, he sings this song and simultaneously changes the tire for them.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Lakshmikant-Pyarelal and the lyrics were penned by Rajendra Kishen.

The man sings, “Oye, hoye. Don’t torture your fair hands. I am present here. I can do the job, well. Order me. Let your virgin hands not be stained. Beloved, your hands will soon take some color from henna (You are yet to get married). Your delicate body is yet to be colored with love. What is the compulsion that a pair of beauties has to perform this kind of labor? Let your virgin hands not be stained. You are the queen of palaces and I am a prince from the middle of the city. Why don’t we share our wealth equally? I will work and you can reign. If you accept this deal, then place your hand on mine. Let your virgin hands not be stained. Let me pacify your anger. Shall I stop the naughty air that blows your hair away? Don’t rub your eyes, while looking at me. The kohl that you have applied will spread and stain the skin near your eyes. Let your virgin hands not be stained.”

Video: Cinematography is by G Balakrishna.

The video begins with Shashi Kapoor running away from near a car toward his jeep. When the girls, Kalpana and Rajashree come running toward the car, we realize that Shashi Kapoor has actually punctured one of the wheels of the car.

When both the girls fix the pump to the wheel and try to pump the air into it, he begins the song. He is lying upside down on the front portion of the jeep at this moment. He is wearing a simple pair of trousers, shirt and a jacket, while Kalpana is wearing red shirt and leggings and Rajashree is wearing a white salwar kameez.

Both the girls are upset due to the turn of events. He teases the 2 girls and stoops to go below the jeep. The girls pull him up and he begins to tease Rajashree that she is yet to get married. She pulls her hand away from him and is about to hit him when he escapes. When he goes to Kalpana to tease her, she walks away.

He completes the task of filling air into the tire and continues to tease them. Now, he is standing atop the front portion of the car. Rajashree begins to drive the car. Shashi Kapoor is still dancing and balancing on top of the car. Rajashree drives the car near the jeep and Shashi Kapoor shifts there. Then, Rajashree backs off and tries to drive away. Shashi Kapoor is seen waving to them.

However, Rajashree cannot drive beyond where she is because Shashi Kapoor has placed some rocks on both the sides of the jeep. Kalpana tells Rajashree to push the jeep and she does so. Thus, the jeep moves backward on the sloping road and moves aside. Rajashree then drives the car away. The video ends with Shashi Kapoor on top of the front of the jeep lamenting. Shashi Kapoor’s dance has been choreographed very well.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Mohammad Rafi and the onscreen performances are by Shashi Kapoor, Kalpana and Rajashree.

Cultural Influence: The hero meets the heroine and her elder sister. He is in a mischievous mood and begins to tease both the girls. The video has to be watched for the Wow! Shashi Kapoor for his antics, body language, expressions and graceful dance. The song is also melodious. It can be watched several times.


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