Baar baar din yeh aaye – Rafi – Lakshmikant-Pyarelal – Jeetendra | Farz (1967)


Babita is said to have designed all her dresses, used in the movies she has acted in. These dresses were safely stored by her. Also, when her first daughter Karishma Kapoor had joined Bollywood, she had worn these very dresses in her movies as well.

Movie: This song appeared in the super hit 1967 movie Farz (Duty) produced by Doondi and Sunderlal Nahata and directed by Ravikant Nagaich. This movie was the remake of the Telugu Gudachari 116. The Hindi movie starred Jeetendra, Babita, late Sajjan, late David, Rajanala Kaleshwar Rao, late Agha, late Mukri, late Mohan Choti, etc. The character played by Jeetendra in this movie – Gopal Kishan Pandey (Agent 116) – was used again for Keemat and Raksha.

Secret Agent 303 of CID is killed before he can submit some evidence (a roll of photographic film) against some enemies of the country. The head of CID (David) assigns Agent 116, Gopal Kishan Pandey (Jeetendra) to investigate the homicide of his colleague and the secret evidence he had been killed for. During the investigation, Gopal meets beautiful Sunita (Babita) and flirts with her in tune with his habit with girls. But she falls in love with him.

The enemy Damodar (Sajjan) responsible for the death of agent 303 goes to meet the dead agent’s sister Kamala (Kanchana), telling her that he is a CID officer investigating her brother’s case. He even warns her that her brother’s killer would visit her pretending to be his colleague and friend. When Gopal visits Kamala, she tells him to return the next day as she had been instructed by Damodar. However, Gopal finds a clue on the framed picture of agent 303 – the name and address of the studio photographer. Piecing 2 and 2 together, he assumes that agent 303 would have given the evidence to this studio for development.

Having collected the roll of film from the studio, Gopal, himself develops it into pictures, one of which reveals the car registration number that was used for the crime. Soon, he is following the car, which is driven by a girl. When they reach a club, Gopal realizes that the girl is none other than Sunita. He goes to meet her and strikes a conversation with her. She invites him for her birthday party the next day at her home. The next evening, he takes along his assistant Nikku (Mohan Choti) with him to the venue of Sunita’s birthday. At the party, Gopal sings this song and dances with her friends.

Song: Music of this song was composed by Lakshmikant-Pyarelal and the lyricist was Anand Bakshi.

The man says, “Let this day come often. Let this heart sing often. I wish that you live for thousands of years. Happy Birthday to you! Whose hand should I hold being desperate? What kind of example should I give of yours? Whose name should I take? No, there is nobody as beautiful as you, on whom the roving eye stops, who is incomparable. I wish that you live for thousands of years. I would have brought a gift like others today. I would have brought flowers in your party. My heart said why does she need flowers when she herself is called spring and makes the heart of each bud beat. I wish that you live for thousands of years. Flowers from the garden have sent a greeting to you. Stars from the sky have sent this message they wish O beautiful one that you live longer than even the moon. If the end of days arrives, let it come. I wish that you live for thousands of years.”

Video: Cinematographer is Ravikant Nagaich.

The video begins with the dolls of a boy and a girl dancing inside a glass cage. Then the extra dancers begin to perform twist dance. The whole video has only twists and shakes. In the next shot, Sajjan is shown smiling. Babita dances, rotating in circles. Next, Jeetendra plays the piano. Babita is in a white gown, while Jeetendra is in a black suit. Both their dresses compliment each other.

The room, where the celebrations are being held, has been decorated well. Then Jeetendra begins the song with walking movements. Sajjan is angry when Jeetendra touches Babita. Sajjan signals one of the actors in the uniform of a waiter. Jeetendra and Babita doing a couple of ballroom dance steps looks good.

Mohan Choti is outside and observes 2 people going in 2 separate cars out of the party. He signals Jeetendra via the latter’s watch and the video ends with Jeetendra going out of the room, where the party is going on.

Artists: The playback singer is Mohammad Rafi and onscreen performances are by Jeetendra, Babita and others.

Cultural Influence: Here birthday wishes are in the form of a song. The song is like blessings to the birthday girl. Wherever birthdays are celebrated this song is played. The steps are very simple, thus those who wish to perform, do it. The video is worth watching at least on someone’s birthday.


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