Adult Swim Singles Program: Captain Murphy “Crowned”


The Adult Swim Singles Program is at it again, this time Captain Murphy (a.k.a. Flying Lotus) unleashes the track “Crowned.”

The song is a dark, atmospheric track with a pulsating rhythm. The vocals on the song are distorted and sound nearly demonic which adds to the song’s overall haunting aesthetic.

The song’s lyrics match the music underneath it. Captain Murphy raps jagged, visceral phrases towards the end of the song We’re cross the lifts, broken ribs, missing teeth/Fingertips torn apart, spinal cord is incomplete/There’s no time to even blink/The cliff appears right before my eyes and spark things like… The song ends with maniacal laughter that’s not easily forgotten.

The track is consistent with Captain Murphy’s sound. Vocally the song sounds similar to Tyler the Creator’s style, especially on his first album Bastard, which isn’t that unusual since Flying Lotus was somewhat inspired by The Odd Future crew when he decided to create Captain Murphy. The only Captain Murphy album, Duality, was also atmospheric and strange and it channeled some of alternative hip-hop’s finest voices like Madvillian and Kool Keith.

Captain Murphy is the alias of experimental multi genre music producer and occasional rapper Flying Lotus. The moniker and origin story first appeared in 2012 with a 34 minute music video that also served as the album Duality. Since 2012 Captain Murphy has been mostly quiet, so this was a nice refresher from the L.A. based rapper. In 2014 lilfuchs made an origin story video for Captain Murphy which can be watched below.

So far the Adult Swim program has released 25 singles this year in 25 weeks. All of the singles are available for free download on there website. Click here.


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