Tripet Garielle is a multitalented UK born and bred crooner. her unique and soulful voice has got her a vast fan following in a short time. Though Bollywood influenced her works, her approach is made of many genres and languages.

A business graduate, Tripet had not been taught any Indian languages. But true determination and dedication have made her achieve her dream of singing in Bollywood. Singing with the correct accent was her biggest challenge and she studied Indian Language and Literature for many years. She had the backing of expert vocal coaches like Indian Chiranjib Chakraborty  and Pakistani Nisar Daniel.

Her debut single was Palkaan in 2014 with the musical genius Jawad Hyder. Palkaanwith South American Jazz acoustics combined with a Bollywood tune hit all major Bollywood music channels and was successful overnight.

Her second single was Aa vee jaa…, a typically Bollywood work, which was critically acclaimed.

Her songs from Palkaan… to Woh Pal… are very popular and they appeal to a global audience from diverse backgrounds, though the songs are in Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi.

Childhood: She insists that her childhood was interesting. She describes, “I had a very strict upbringing in a conservative family. My mother insisted on a good education for me. It was my father, who was into arts. We would watch my favorite Hindi movies like Yeh Vada Raha and Maine Pyaar Kiya. I used to be attracted to the songs rather than the movies. Though I was under pressure to take up academics in a serious manner, I was more inclined towards creative work like sewing clothes, playing the guitar, acting, dance and poetry.”

Training in Music: She has trained under Chiranjib Chakraborty, currently a Londoner. She is currently studying under Vic Asquith (son of the great Opera Tenor Eduardo Asquez), intending to take her voice to a higher level by making combinations of opera and semi-Indian classical undertones.

Her Debut: She debuted with the solo album Palkaan… in 2014. She finds herself lucky to have got her debut with Jawad Hyder or JKD, the composer of Palkaan… A song with South American Jazz acoustics interlaced with typically Bollywoodish vibrations. It was a successful debut within a short period of time.

Her Current Projects: Right now she is working on an album that will be released in 2017. She wants to tell tales via her songs and thus, she is interested in creating albums rather than singles. On the visual front, she is planning videos for 4 to 5 songs from her album of 12 songs.

Her Landmark Songs: According to her Woh pal… is her landmark song. She explains, “It was a journey from the present to the past for me. It was also a lesson that I learnt about my own life, something that I never knew. It was a very personal experience and thus I used it as the lead song, though there are other songs much better than this one in the album.”

Hobbies: She says that she finds it difficult to find time for leisure-time activities because, “As an artist, I am involved in several other things besides singing. I am shooting for videos, appearing for photo shoots to build my brand, etc. However, if I find time at all, I love dancing, doing workouts, shopping and any activity that de-stresses me.


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