Vinit R Rai, a.k.a VRR, is a Delhi based independent singer, composer and songwriter. Vinit has been within the Indian Rock Circuit for more than 6 years, mostly known for his debut solo album, Aaghorii, released in December 2014. He is also known for his contribution to Pune’s very own Vedic Rock Band, Bhramm and Delhi’s Rock n Roll Act – Psy ‘O’ Circle. Vinit’s first Vedic Rock song, Ravana bagged the no.2 position on VH1’s WORME list 2011. Vinit’s music reflects a fusion of Indian/ Vedic and other historical characters, cultures and childhood emotions with Rock n Roll and Hard Rock. Apart from this Vinit performs various Hindi Rock covers from Bollywood and Sufi music in his own experimental way.

Childhood: Vinit was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. About his childhood, he said, “I was raised in a typical middle-class family. My father was a civil engineer and was posted in Jaisalmer so most of my schooling has been done in that city. While I was young I never thought I would become a singer, although I was involved in many cultural events during school time.”

Education: He is a BBA graduate from Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur. Regarding his post-grad education, he said, “I was pursuing my post-graduation in finance from the same place until one day I realized that I wanted to pursue music as my full-time career. I left my PG after completing my first semester and moved to Pune with my band-mates, and later marked our presence in independent scene by the nameBhramm.”

Initiation into music: He hasn’t been trained in music. According to him, “Well! I haven’t had any professional training in music. It’s just my passion that’s been driving me ever since. It was in the year 2008, when we formed a city band in Jodhpur with the name, Hallucination, which was later known as, Bhramm, in Pune.”

Parents’ Reaction: Music field is so unreliable and unpredictable. So we wanted to know his parents’ reaction when he decided he wanted to take up music as his career. He replied, “Everything in this world is unreliable, but it’s a challenge to work for yourself and not for someone else. My parents were little skeptical in the beginning but they got used to it knowing the facts that I can still pay my own bills.”

Debut: How did he get inspired to bring out his first solo album Aaghorii? He answered, “I met with a terrible bike accident on X’mas 2011, which made me bed ridden for a few months. During that time, I used to visit a nearby Shiv Mandir and spend hours there thinking of how my life’s going to be once or if I ever recover. That was when I wrote all the songs of my album, Aaghorii.”

Sikander: His work Sikander sounded interesting. Regarding this work, he said, “Alexander, the Great is one of my favorite characters from ancient history. It was just a vague idea that I should write about him and honestly it was pretty quick, as once the idea grows in a proper format, all you need to do is follow it till the end.”

Current Projects: Currently he is recording his second album, Dashaanan, which is scheduled for release by the fall of 2016. He added, “The album has 8 tracks with the latest version of my composition, Ravana, which I earlier recorded with my bandBhramm, in Pune. I wrote this song back in 2009 and now after almost 7 years I am going to get it released worldwide officially along with 7 fresh tracks.”

Future Prospects: We then asked what he saw 10 years hence. He replied, “Well! Had the HR of some company asked me this question, I would have lied like everyone else in this world does. (Grins) But being an artist, all I see is Art. I see music now and so post 10-20-30 years, if I get to live that long.”

Hobbies: His spare time activities include traveling and his favorite destination in India is Himachal Pradesh. He said, “I believe it is undoubtedly the most beautiful state in India. I love to go for treks and spend days at a time in mountains, woods and live peacefully as a human being for a change.”


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