After Usha Khanna, Kary Arora is the only Indian female music composer. About being the only current female music composer in the country, she said that her journey of musical life is full of excitement, creativity and travel. She adds, “I love it. It doesn’t feel like I’m burdened to do something. Then really how does it matter whether I’m dealing with a man or a woman in my profession? I get respect and money in my profession that’s good enough to keep me focused on my aims, efforts, integrity, creativity and independence.”

When she decided to come up with her new work Yaadein bachpan ki…, we felt very nostalgic and decided to interview her. Excerpts from the interview:

Childhood: Kary was born in Chandigarh, India. About her childhood, she said, “When I was 2 and half years old I used to stand on my balcony and sing Dard-e-dil… at the top of my voice. Guess, I was fascinated with singing. When I was 4, I won a poetry contest. In my teenage years, I used to make mixtapes and write official morning quotes on college notice board.”

She did her BA and Garment Manufacturing Technology from YWCA. Post that she did Fashion Designing from Indian Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT) and Audio Engineering from SAE. She has also studied music from Mr. Ravi Prakash (grandson of Mr. Khemchand Prakash).

Initiation into Music: Like quite a few people in the industry, Kary was initiated into music by her father. She explained, “I was 11years old when my Dad got me a walkman with albums of Abba, Madonna, Bee Gee, etc. I got hooked to music right then. When I was in school and college, I used to make mixtapes to earn extra pocket money. I listen to all kinds of music now.”

Music as a career is so unreliable and unpredictable. So we wanted to know what her parents’ reaction was, when she told them of her inclination towards music. She says, “They only asked me, ‘Is it safe?’ So I took them to my workplace and showed them my DJ cabin. They made sure I got the support of the hotel management and security. About being a music composer, they both are very happy as they support my passion for composing, singing and lyric writing.”

Past Work: She enlisted her past work thus, “My first composition was a jingle namedFunny happy birthday… Then 2 singles were released on spectral records (Brazil): 1)Sanware ki dhun…, 2) De de deedaar de… Later 3 more soundtracks released in 3 films: 3) Satya is back again… from Satya 2 by Ram Gopal Verma, 4) Tinko ke sahare fromAngry Indian Goddesses, 5) Dare you … title song: movie Dare You.

Latest Album: With her upcoming new music video Yaadein bachpan ki…, she is not only creating a level of self-expression but also helping new talent. She informs, “My new music video Yaadein bachpan ki… is to be released in December 2016. The song is all about school and college life. At the moment, I’m on a hunt to make a full-fledged creative team. Thus there is an excitement in the minds of creative people. This August, I took an audition of makeup artists and hair stylists and started promoting it on my social media pages by posting their pictures. Expect the next series of audition episodes for dancers and child actors in Sep 2016 and Oct 2016.”

Hobbies: Her leisure activities include watching movies or sitting on a beach or a mountain in silence.

Future: When asked, what the future presents for her, she replied, “Well, in the next 2-3 years I plan to produce a lot of music videos as I have a bank full of my original compositions and do concerts side by side. I can’t imagine what and where I will be after 10 years; maybe traveling to see the world’s natural part or really come out with something extraordinary. I myself don’t know as I’m a very extremist kind of person.”


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