This is a beautiful and melodious rendition of Mukesh Sahab and a famous song. This song appears twice – once near the beginning – the happy one and the other sad one towards the end. I have chosen the first one.

Movie: This song appears in the 1970 action movie Chetna (Consciousness) produced by I M Kunnu and directed by B R Ishara. The movie starred Shatrughan Sinha, Anil Dhawan, Rehana Sultan, etc. The movie focused on the rehabilitation of call-girls and it is more famous of the bold scenes of Rehana Sultan. The movie virtually ended her career in movies, since she was typecast after this one.

The shy and reclusive Anil (Anil Dhawan) meets a woman and helps her change the burst tyre of her car despite her saying that she did not ask his help. He again meets her at a service center. There again she shuns him. Later he and the audience get to know that she has been doing a lot of charity work. However, Anil is shocked, when his friend Ramesh (Shatrughan Sinha) introduces the woman as Seema (Rehana Sultan) a call-girl. The next day, Anil visits her home (he gets the address from a magazine, for which she had modeled) and proposes marriage to her. She initially refuses but reforms her wayward ways. It is at this time that this song is sung by Anil.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Sapan Jagmohan and the lyrics were penned by Naksh Layalpuri.

The man says, “I will keep calling you at every bend in our life’s journey, even if you don’t hear my voice, i.e. the music of sorrow. Looking at me, everybody says the result of love is madness. There were flowers also in the path of love. But I chose thorns. Where my heart got attracted, I bowed my head. How can anyone stop me from praying? I wish my dreams, which were created by my desires, are fulfilled.”

Video: Cinematography is by Sudarshan Nag.

The video begins with Rehana Sultan moving about a garden near the beach. When she stops near a tree, she remembers something Anil Dhawan had said before. Right then, she notices him and runs to another tree in excitement. Anil Dhawan begins to sing. She walks toward him and he walks toward her. Then they walk together. In the entire video, they are only walking about. The main things about the video are the tall green trees and the greenery in the area in focus. The video ends with both of them walking away from the area, together.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Mukesh, while the onscreen performances are by Anil Dhawan and Rehana Sultan.

Cultural Influence: A boy can have some desire about the qualities of his life-partner. It may so happen that they may be impressed by a call-girl, even. But it depends on the girl that how sincere she is to him. The video is worth watching several times due to the melody of the song.


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