I have purposely chosen songs on horse carriage today. Did you know how the makers created the sound of horse’s hooves? It was by hitting the hollow portions of 2 coconut shells against each other!

Movie: This song appears in the 1966 drama Sawan Ki Ghata (Clouds Laden with Rain) directed and produced by Shakti Samanta. The movie starred Manoj Kumar, Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaz, late Pran, late Madan Puri, late Jeevan, late Sajjan, late S N Banerjee, etc.

Shamsher (Jeevan) and Bansilal (Sajjan) are laborers. When they find an accident-ridden vehicle, with an infant and lots of money and jewelry, Bansilal opts for the infant and Shamsheer takes the treasure, setting fire to the car. The driver had already died. Bansilal brings up the child Gopal as his own and Shamsher becomes the rich Rana Shamsher. As children, Gopal and Rana Shamsher’s daughter Seema are friends. But Rana wants to separate them and he does so via Bansilal. Bansilal sells Gopal’s favorite horse to a William (S N Banerjee) and Wiliam takes Gopal along with him, since he cannot live without the horse.

When Gopal (Manoj Kumar) grows up, William tells him that his duty was now towards his father Bansilal, since it was he who had sent Gopal off with William so that he would study well. When Gopal is returning to his village, he meets a grown-up Seema (Sharmila Tagore). They fall in love with each other once again. When Gopal reaches home, he cannot find Bansilal. He finds a simple village girl Saloni (Mumtaz), who lives nearby. She tells him that Bansilal is dead.

However, one day, Gopal finds a very much live Bansilal, but he does not recognize his foster son and while trying to escape from whom he thinks to be Rana Shamsheer’s henchman, falls into the nearby river. Saloni tells him that when she had entered the house some time back Bansilal was digging the mud floor inside his hut. Gopal becomes curious and digs further to find a letter inside a large metal box. The letter is from Bansilal to Gopal regarding Gopal’s real family and telling the real incident of how they had found him and the money near the car.

Gopal goes to the police station to find out the address of the car that had encountered with the accident 24 years ago. He finds that the car belonged to Tarkeshwar Choudhury from Calcutta (Kolkata now). Gopal visits the address that he gets from the police station. He meets a woman there, who says that she is Choudhury’s second wife and rejects his claims of being her husband’s son.

Dejected, he returns to his village. Due to Rana’s attitude towards Gopal, the latter decides to keep away from Seema. He later plans that he would tend the land left by his foster father in his name. The grass on the land is overgrown. So he arranges labor to clear the land of it. It is at this time that a horse carriage is filled with some grass to be taken away. When the carriage is entirely filled, Gopal begins to ride it and Seema comes out of the grass to sing this song.

Song: The music of this song was composed by O P Nayyar and the lyrics have been written by S H Bihari.

The girl sings, “Slowly. Please move slowly. Please move a little slowly. I am following you. How wet the season is! How lovely the scenery! I am now your obligation. You have to fulfill my wishes. During love journey, arguments can happen. Still love crazy people will move on together shoulder to shoulder. There will always be the sweet signals from lowered eyelids. I have had it with your loyalty. You get upset due to small issues. You have taken my heart. Don’t take away my heart’s relaxation. Give me my love. Improve my world. Talk of living, O Beloved. Without you, how will I live my life?”

The girl pleads with her man to again accept her has his beloved. She says that in love people can have arguments. But they still remain in love with each other. She ends with an insistence that she cannot live without him.

Video: Cinematography is by V Gopikrishna.

Manoj Kumar is driving the horse cart when he hears a female voice singing. He looks around and then he realizes that the sound is coming from within the haystack on the cart. When he turns, he finds Sharmila Tagore lifting her head out of the hay. Manoj Kumar looks sad. He is wearing a pair red trousers, shirt and hat.

Sharmila Tagore comes partly out of the hay singing and making dance movements with her hands. Slowly, while singing, she gently places her hand on his shoulder. The horse cart moves on the road, which is bordered with beautiful trees on either side.

Then Sharmila Tagore places both her hands on his either side of his neck like a garland. She shifts to the edge of the carriage and sits there. She is wearing a typical female villager’s dress. Soon Sharmila Tagore takes over the reins of the horse. Then she returns the reins to Manoj Kumar and sways from side to side.

He is still sad and tries to reject her advances. She picks up his hat and places it on her head. After some time, she puts it back on his head. She pleads with him and he smiles. Now she is sitting with a laughing Manoj Kumar in front of the haystack on the cart. The video ends with the cart moving forward on the road and the background sound of someone whistling to the tune of the song.

One thing ridiculous about these lyrics is that the girl says that the season is wet when there are neither rain nor dew drops falling!

Artists: The playback has been sung by Asha Bhonsle and onscreen performances are by Sharmila Tagore and Manoj Kumar.

Cultural Influence: Traditionally, ghoda gadi used to be a part of Indian culture. Now it is a rarity even in real life. Secondly, the girl wooing a man is a different situation altogether. The song is melodious and watchable. It can be watched as many times according to their likes.


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