A Purity ring, also known as a promise ring are worn as a sign of chastity. Wearing it is accompanied by a vow to practice abstinence until marriage. To wear this ring, a pledge must be taken. Purity Ring is also a Canadian electronic-music duo that was formed in 2010. Their name may have something to do with the purity and religious aspect of a promise ring. You’ll have to listen to more of their music to find out.

Originally starting out in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, their music is making its wat to the states. If you’re into anything along the lines of synthpop, trip-hop, dream-pop, witch house, and future-pop, then their music is for you. The duo consists of members Megan James and Corin Roddick. Both growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, James played the piano and Roddick played the drums. Neither of them play those as their primary instruments now. Roddick uses custom made instruments and James uses her written work that was not intended for the ears of the public.

Before the duo became Purity Ring, they were members of the band Born Gold. Roddick started to play around with electronic production and beat-making. James was asked to sing on one of his tracks, and that’s how Purity Ring started. Their first song, “Ungirthed” was releases in January of 2011.

James lyrics lay somewhere in between the lines of blissful and dangerous. Their song “Bodyache” is just that. The song starts off by saying, “You said, you said turn the lights down, I wanna be alone. I read your head away. I couldn’t stand how it pleaded. I needed to take.” In this verse, Megan’s boyfriend is not wanting to be with her. He wants to be alone in darkness and that’s something she Megan is not able to understand. “Take a break, take me down, take me down there. I wanna stare at the tears, how they watered your eyes. Take a break, take me down, take me down there. I wanna stare at your tears, how they.”  Megan is concerned about what happened in her boyfriend’s past that caused him to become so damaged inside. All she wants to do is fix their relationship. Right now there is a lot of tears and tension. “I, I, I lied, now I’m lying awake. I, I, I cried ’til my body ache. I, I, I lied, now I’m lying awake. I, I, I cried ’til my body ache.” The brokenness in their relationship is causing Megan to now be able to sleep. She’s lying awake thinking about all the lies. Her emotional pain has now turned into physical pain which is causing other distractions in her life. “You sweat and you bled. I couldn’t look cause your body. Your body would shake.” These lyrics talks about now wanting to watch her boyfriend lose control over his own body. These lyrics gives off what Megan has found out about her boyfriend’s past. The events that happened could have been so traumatizing to the point that he wants to be left alone.  “And you feared a lonely death like a lake leaves you alone in her depths.” Megan fears his lonesome death. She compares a lonely death to drowning alone in a lake. She doesn’t want him to die without a fight. She does not want their relationship to die without a fight. Megan is learning now learning about her boyfriend’s psychological damage and the abuse he went through. Before repeating the chorus going into the outro, Megan says, “I saw you breaking, I saw you breaking. I saw you unreeling.”

“Bodyache” is featured on the album “Another Eternity (2015).” “Another Eternity” is an album full of excitement and adventure. Compared to their last album, “Another Eternity” is stepping out of the dark music world and is embracing what music is today. The music is very powerful and varied. It sucks you in. This album legality puts you inside of another eternity.


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