Elohim is a name for God used within the Hebrew bible. Elohim is also a music artist on the watch for 2016. It’s been said that she is a “young artist behind a Los Angeles-based electro-pop mystery.  Elohim is a music paradox. With a name defined as “God” who really is this mysterious Elohim? Elohim is heard but, not seen. She covers up with animal masks and disguises her voice to make sure that she isn’t known. At least, not yet. Why do you ask? Elohim’s response to this question is “it’s important to me because I want the audience to experience [my music] in their own way. No preconceived notions or judgments. Just sound.” Elohim has taken anonymity to a whole new level. Even on phone interviews, she is able to mask her voice using specials software.

Elohim is very experimental and artsy.  Her music talks about and revolves around life. It’s very relevant. Elohim wants her fans to be more concerned about the messages she is trying to get across in her music rather than what she looks like or what takes place in her everyday life.

Elohim says she has been playing music all her life, starting with the piano. She is a musician first. She says, “ I am a musician first and foremost. I have been playing and making music my entire life. It is important for me, as a female, to show that. All sides of me. Well, except my face.”  She connects to her fans through music rather than appearance. The name Elohim, meaning “God,” is a powerful name and statement within itself. Elohim says that name has helped her to discover herself. To her, that name is powerful and means “strength and inner beauty.” In a phone interview, Elohim was asked about her name and she says, “as a woman, it is very empowering to call myself something so masculine, so strong. Elohim is an ancient word. It has held various meanings throughout history. To me, it is love, acceptance, and confidence. It is strength in my art and in myself. It is beauty and spirituality.”

Will fans ever be able to see the face of Elohim, or will it be forever hidden behind an animal’s face? Right now, she is okay with it. Either way, she is still getting the support that she is needing with her music career. She says, “Sometimes it can be uncomfortable. But that is why we live. To experience, to try new things, to be true to ourselves.” In an interview with Noah Jackson, Elohim responds to her questionable masking by saying, “I love being able to put my art out for the world to enjoy, and I can focus on my music and my sounds without fearing that my appearance would skew the experience. Some people see it as hiding away, but for me it truly allows me to open up.” She is wanting to preserve her privacy.

Elohim does exist as a real person. Her music speaks for her. In her song “Sensations,” she talks about the feeling of what it’s like to love and be loved. She describes love as being this uncontrollable and unstoppable feeling. Once it starts, it can’t be stopped. You can’t get enough of the feeling that it gives you. Love is an addiction. The chills and feelings it gives you are overwhelming. When you experience real love, you will know. It is pure and beautiful.

Elohim’s music will speak to and through you. She may not forever be a mystery, but for now listening to and appreciating her music is the closest we are going to get so seeing her. So far, Elohim’s future in music is looking pretty bright.


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