This song appears twice in the movie. The first time this song appears when Waheeda Rehman gets married and leaves her father’s home. The second time the song appears when Balraj Sahni goes to meet her at her in-laws’ place. I chose the second one because it has more scope for description. Rafi Sahab actually cried after singing this song because he had just married off his daughter just a few days before singing this song.
Movie: This song appears in the 1968 movie Neel Kamal (Blue Lotus) directed by Ram Maheshwari and produced by Pannalal Maheshwari. The star-cast included late Raaj Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Waheeda Rehman, late Balraj Sahni, late Mahmood, Shashikala and late Lalita Pawar. This movie has a different kind of rebirth story.
Sita (Waheeda Rehman) and her college mates go on a historical trip. When they are returning, Sita sleepwalks onto the railway tracks. Ram (Manoj Kumar) saves her from an oncoming train just at the nick of time. Back in her hostel, Sita again sleepwalks at night. The principal of her college throws her out of the college. Initially, her father (Balraj Sahni) is angry with her. But then he takes her to a friend, who is a doctor. He is worried that she has a boyfriend. The doctor diagnoses her as a sleepwalker and says that there is no such boyfriend in her life. He also recommends marriage for her.
Sita’s father consults his Guruji (David), who suggests Ram as an ideal groom. After marriage, Sita finds that her problem is not a simple sleepwalking but a beckoning from her past life. Chitrasen (Raaj Kumar) is an artisan and in love with Sita in her previous birth as Princess Neelkamal (Waheeda Rehman again). The king rejects him as a suitor for his daughter and buries him alive. Chitrasen’s love for Neelkamal is eternal and thus his soul survives many centuries to meet her again.
Coming back to the present, Ram’s mother (Lalita Pawar) is cross with Sita due to her sleepwalking. Ram is also upset with her thinking that she is unfaithful to him and leaves town. In his absence, his mother ill-treats Sita. She complains to the Guruji about her. Guruji visits Sita’s father, who goes to Sita’s home. Ram’s mother categorically tells him to take her away. Ram’s sister Chanchal (Shashikala) adds insult to injury. Sita refuses to leave and Ram’s mother ill-treats her right in front of her father. It is at this time that this song is played in the background.
Song: Music of this song was composed by Ravi and the lyrics were penned by Sahir Ludhianvi.
The man says, “Take the good wishes of your father that you may get a happy world with your husband. You may get so much love at your in-laws’ that you may not remember your father’s home. I brought you up delicately like flowers and buds. During your childhood, you have played in my arms like a swing. O delicate branch of my garden, you may experience a new spring every moment. I wish that you may rule in the house that your fate has bonded you with. May a bright happiness be seen on your lips and the crown of happiness on your forehead. You may also get that bright beauty that does not fade. Your life may be spent in the cool shade of relaxation. Even a thorn should not prick your feet. Even people living next door to you may not experience sorrow.”
The father blesses his daughter that she gets so much happiness at her in-laws’ that she may forget her father and his home. He also goes on to say that he has brought her up very delicately. Thus he wishes that she is kept as delicately as he did even at her new home.
Video: Cinematography is by Fali Mistry.
Waheeda Rehman shuts the door after Balraj Sahni walks out of it. Both cry standing on either side of the door. Balraj Sahni is back at his home and looks sadly at the picture of him with his daughter Waheeda Rehman. Waheeda Rehman runs into the pooja room and sits in front of the deity in obeisance.
Next, Waheeda Rehman is seen scrubbing the floor of her in-law’s place. The mansion is very large. Lalita Pawar comes to the balcony and says something spiteful. Shashikala throws something on the floor near Waheeda Rehman for her to clean.
Waheeda Rehman remembers that in her father’s house when she would fall asleep with a book, he would remove the book and cover her with the shawl he was wearing. Here, on the other hand, Lalita Pawar pulls the meager bed sheet, with which Waheeda Rehman has covered herself while sleeping and awakens her forcefully. Then the older woman gives Waheeda Rehman a broom.
Having worked without rest, Waheeda Rehman, while climbing the stairs with a bucket full of washed clothes, falls on the stairs. Shashikala abuses her and Lalita Pawar pulls her by her hand to a standing position. Waheeda Rehman then blows into the fireplace (of yore) to cook. She remembers how her father would compel her to eat something, while she would be going to her college.
On the other hand, Lalita Pawar and Shashikala torture her here. Then Waheeda Rehman is seen washing a lot of clothes and vessels. While cleaning the tea table, she finds the photograph of her husband Manoj Kumar. The video ends with her crying.
Artists: The playback singer is Mohammad Rafi and onscreen performances are by Balraj Sahni, Waheeda Rehman, Lalita Pawar and Shashikala.

Cultural Influence: Even today, in India there are several cases, where the girls are tortured for more dowry. If even one person in the joint family does not like the newly married girl, she will be tortured. This is a movie, therefore, they have shown that a ghost stalks the girl and people misunderstand her. A very melodious song, it is watchable if only for Mohammad Rafi’s rendition.


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