Movie: This song appears in the romantic drama Sanjh Aur Savera directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and produced by Sevantilal Shah. The movie starred late Guru Dutt, late Meena Kumari, late Mahmood, Shobha Khote, late Manmohan Krishna, Parveen Chaudhary, etc. This was the last film acted by Guru Dutt since he expired the year the movie released.

Dr. Shankar Chaudhary (Guru Dutt) is a rich medical expert, who lives in Bombay (Mumbai now) with his younger sister Manju and widowed mother Rukmini. He finds that his mother had arranged his marriage with advocate Madhusudan’s daughter Maya (Preeti Bala) from Ambala. He agrees to marry her though neither of them has met her. While the wedding ceremony is going on, Maya faints and recovers under the care of her father and cousin brother Prakash (Mahmood).

The next day Maya is gone, leaving a letter for her father. Madhusudan attempts suicide at the shock and faints when Prakash prevents him from taking his own life. The family doctor informs Prakash that Madhusudan’s life was in danger and he won’t be able to bear another emotional shock. Prakash decides to send Gauri (Meena Kumari) in place of Maya to the in-laws’ place. In Maya’s in-laws’ place, Gauri rejects Shankar’s sexual advances saying that she is on a holy fast.

Madhusudan, on the other hand, is angry with Prakash for the decision he made and leaves for Benaras. Prakash takes a vow that he would set things right in his own way and goes to bring Gauri to Benaras. On the compulsion of his mother, Shankar accompanies them to the holy city. At Madhusudan’s suggestion, Shankar marries Gauri (who he thinks is Maya) at Vishwanath temple in Benaras. They become intimate and Gauri becomes pregnant.

Shankar and Gauri return to Bombay. Prakash is with them. Prakash is a musician. Around this time, Prakash meets Radha (Shobha Khote) in a music shop and falls in love with her. She wishes that he teach her music. However, her mother Manorama (Praveen Paul) is against a young man teaching her daughter music. Therefore, Prakash disguises as an elderly Muslim gentleman and visits Radha’s home to teach her. Manorama immediately approves it despite Radha’s disagreement. It is at this time that Prakash sings this song and Radha repeats the song with him. It is only during the song that Radha gets to know that the man is none other than Prakash.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Shankar-Jaikishen and the lyrics were penned by Hasrat Jaipuri.

The man says and the girl repeats, “My beloved has not come even today. The monsoons are passing. Sleep does not come to the eyes. The desire to meet is in the eyes. Spring has come and flowers have bloomed. Who will decorate my dreams? As the clouds hug the moon, my heart desires his presence more. O Beautiful Beloved, come into my arms. I am ageing.”

The man and the girl reveal the longing they have for each other. The man is worried that their union might take such a long time that he would be aged by then.

Video: Cinematography was by Jaywant Pathare and the operative cameramen were T B Seetaram and I B Mohan.

This is a comic song. Mahmood is Shobha Khote’s music teacher and is playing the sitar (a string instrument). Praveen Paul makes sure that her daughter Shobha Khote is sincerely learning music and then she leaves.

While teaching music, Mahmood even makes some dance movements in the sitting position. Initially, Mahmood teases Shobha Khote in the guise of the music teacher. Then he removes his cap to show his black hair. Then she recognizes him as her boyfriend and she is happy.

Praveen Paul comes back to enjoy her daughter learning the song. By then Mahmood is back in his place. The moment Praveen Paul goes back, Shobha Khote runs to close the door of the music room.

By the time she returns, Mahmood has gone outside the room into the balcony. Shobha Khote comes out too and pulls his false beard to throw it away. She performs a few steps. Mahmood also dances a little and both sit on a garden seat. Thus the video ends.

Artists: The playback has been sung by Mohammad Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur, while Mahmood and Shobha Khote lip-sync to the song. Praveen Paul enjoys the song.

Cultural Influence: Lovers dating under the noses of guardians is difficult. This is cinema, so they have shown such a meeting here. Also, Mahmood and Shobha Khote’s chemistry worked famously well onscreen. The song is worth watching several times due to Mohammad Rafi’s rendition and the song having a classical touch.


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