Richard Readey


Rising YouTube star from North Wales,  22 year old Richard Readey’s self produced songs have received over 120,000,000 views. He is in our future. His music is very heartfelt and endearing. When Richard was around 16 years old he started making music and learning how to play the guitar. He played the piano but found it difficult to play and sing at the dame time. Playing the guitar changed that challenge. After becoming comfortable enough, Richard began writing his own music and uploading them in his YouTube channel. The intent was not to become a successful singer, but who else would  sing his songs? Richards dream is to write for his music influence, Ryan Tedder, the lead singer from One Republic. As of right now, he is  an independent music artist. From an interview with Daniela Pisciottano, Richard states, “It’s hard to get discovered, there is so much music out there right now. The internet has been a blessing and a curse. It’s made things so much easier in terms of sharing music and building a following but because it’s made it so easy, it’s very crowded and difficult to stand out.” Richard Ready has not yet have any live performances, but is one day planning to.  Right now, music is just a hobby for him. With 50,125 subscribers on YouTube, who knows where his music is going to take him.


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