“No one sees the past five years, or past 12 months,” Raia says. “But the past three months have been one thing after another, after another, after another. It’s like, I put in the work, and now it’s giving back to me.”- Moxie Raia

New-York based singer and song-writer, Moxie Raia, is coming up in the music industry. Moxie is motivated to make music that reflects disruption and social messages. She wants to talk about social issues. She wants to talk women’s roles in society versus men’s, social norms, and why people act the way that they do.

Moxie’s music is jazz influenced. Her first album, 931 has an interesting meaning to it. Moxie explains the title saying. “It’s called 931 because moving into that building and having that free creative space and finally being out of that deal was really representative of me being free with my music. This is the music that naturally comes out of me when I sit down.”

In Moxie’s music, she puts a lot of emphasis on weakness and makes an effort to over come that in her music. She says, “It takes strength to feel, and to put yourself out there.” At the age of 13 Moxie settles on pursing music with dreams of studying Jazz at Columbia University. Years later after studying Jazz at Columbia, she moves to LA and signs with Capitol Records. She is now managed by Wexler, because Capitol Records made her unhappy. She also adds that getting out of their deal was really hard.

Her album, 931, was a project that she wanted to make her entire life. Moxie started producing it herself with her apartment. It allowed her to gave her own studio. There she has freedom.


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