Marian Hill is an American songwriting duo from Philadelphia consisting of the members Jeremy Lloyd, Samantha Gongol (vocalist). And  jazz musician Steve Davit. Together Jeremy and Samantha are an electronic duo creating songs that sound like a cross between Drake and Ella Fitzgerald. Their music consists of a heavy bass, idiosyncratic beats and seductively soulful vocals. They met each other at Harvard High School. There they began writing songs on different music paths. Jeremy then studied music at Yale University, Samantha studied business at New York University, and Steve studied music at Drexel University. The name “Marian Hill,” is based on the two main characters from the musical “The music Man.” Harold Hill and Marian Paroo. “Whisky” was their first song produced together and then the songs “Lips” and “Got It,” were created. Those songs are a mixture of jazz and blues with a heavy bass and delicate vocals. The music video for their song “Got It,” received 1,000,000 views when it was first released.  Their first EP “Play,” was released in 2105. Their second EP “Sway,” was released in 2016. The New York Times published a review comparing Marian Hill to other well-known electronic and R&B influenced groups. The band now currently has 9 songs and one album. Describing their music in three words is classic, bass, and sway.

With 1,634,069 YouTube, “One Time” has the most views on the Marian Hill YouTube channel. “One Time” is the opening track of Play.  The video begins with Jeremy and Samantha sitting in a home with all the furniture covered up. Looking outside the window they see a man and woman standing outside on the sidewalk. They then begin walking around the neighborhood and get in a car to take a ride to the house that they were originally at. Outside they notice themselves standing inside the house at the window. In the song, the drum is the main metaphor and there is a conflict between a noncommittal man, and a woman who is certain he will settle with her. The whole video takes you through a lot of suspense and is very different from an ordinary music video.

With their music, there is an obsession with modern television storytelling, literature, and the Great Gatsby. Those three factor plays a huge role in how music by Marian Hill is produced today. Samantha is influenced by “The Affair,” “The Great Gatsby,” cities, complicated relationships, multifaceted love, and connotations.


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