Maren Morris is the next rising pop star. Her music crosses the lines between country, classic rock, and hip-hop influenced pop. It is very diverse and dynamic. What people don’t know is that Maren has been grinding in the underground music would for a long timed. She has been named artist to watch by SirusXM, The Huffington Post, Rolling Stone Country, and many others. In her music, she is described as having an old soul. When you hear her, you’ll think she has been writing music for years beyond her age. From writing music for other people, to writing her own music, she is rising quickly. Even though she wrote and still writes music for other, her own personal music is what makes her stand out the most. It is unique.  From song writer to singer, she became her own music influence.  As a song writer and singer she has been quite successful. Maren Morris is a small person with big talent.

Maren’s latest song, “My Church” became a viral hit, generating over 2.5 million streams in just a little over a month. In this song Maren uses religious perspectives to go into depth about her feelings about music and song writing. Music and song writing means a lot to her just as spiritual beliefs mean to someone else.  This song is describe as a “road song.” It is the music you play when you hop in a car and just drive away. This song describes the feelings that Maren gets when she plays music in a car. She feels as if she is alone in a sanctuary. She describes the feel and joy from turning up the music, rolling the windows down, and singing along going 65 miles per hour.

While listening to the song, you are able to feel what she feels. You are able to feel her church! The song opens up by saying “I’ve cussed on a Sunday, I’ve cheated and I’ve lied. I’ve fallen down from grace a few too many times. But I find holy redemption when I put this car in drive, roll the windows down, and turn up the dial.” It moves in to the chorus saying, “can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen? Feels like the Holy Ghost running through ya. When I play the highway FM I find my soul revival Singing every single verse. Yeah I guess that’s my church.” Through these such strong emotional lyrics, how can you not feel what she feels? The vibes that she gets from playing music in the car is her church and once you get into her music, it will be your church too.

The into that leads into the music video is very eye grabbing. The video itself is like no other. What stood out the most was the use if the car and the significance of it within the video.  The video itself is very freeing. I like how each setting in the video follows the lyrics. Just the video itself tells such a powerful story. It is different from what the average video looks life. It hits at home and is easy to follow. I like how when watching the video you experience the various emotions as if you were solely in the video itself.


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