Canadian Duo, Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman are taking off as, Majid Jordan. From making music is dorm rooms and basements to partnering with Drake, everyone is in for a surprise. With 580,416 views on YouTube, their song, Make It Work, Is making its way to the top.

The song starts off by saying “I don’t wanna be the one to stay causing saying it will make it real. Tell me, am I going crazy? Why do I feel?” In the beginning there is a problem with the relationship, but neither partner wasn’t to own up and admit that there is. The problem is once that conversation sparks, their relationship will become questionable. Majid is aware of what is going on, but does not wan t to be the first to speak up. Keeping what he knows to himself, and knowing that it’s not changing anything is making him question his judgement.

It goes onto the pre-chorus saying “I’ve been having lots of troubles here lately. I don’t wanna do these things, but you make me (you do). Something in my heart feels vacant. I can’t even pretend, no. I won’t even pretend. ” Majid is busy between working in the studio, shows, and personal matters. Having to handle all of that, what’s causing him the most stress is the division in their relationship. The problem with their relationship is causing Mijad to disregard his morals and who he is. He knows that there is a division in their relationship and is ready to come to terms with it because his emptions are getting the best of him and is reflecting what is really going on. The ending of the pre-chorus, “I can’t even pretend, no, I won’t even pretend,” is what makes up the theme and title of the song, “Make It Work.”

Moving on to the chorus he says, “Cause it’s just another day. It’s another day. Just another day.All I keep in thinking is work. Make it work. Make it work…. ” Majid is mentally miserable and just wants him and his liver to have a fruitful relationship. He wants to, “make it work.”

Verse two goes on by saying, “I’m trying to make a good impression. I don’t even know what that would be. I’ll give you all of my confessions between you and me.” Majid isn’t sure how to go about impressing her, but he believes opening up and being honest will do the job.

He then goes on to say, I’ve been having lots of troubles here lately. I don’t wanna do these things but you make me, yeah. Oh something in my heart feels vacant (so vacant). I can’t pretend, no, I won’t even pretend.” The struggle of Majid fame is preventing him from having the relationship that he would like to have. Their relation ship is causing him stress and is adding a struggle of getting to the top in the music industry. When he says, “I don’t wanna do these thing but you make me, yeah,” shows the power that a women has in a relationship. It is also referenced in Drake’s song, “Connect.” In Drake song, “Connect,” he says, “She just wanna run around the city and make memories that she can barely remember and I allow her, talk about pussy power.”

Everyday in the relationship, Majid is trying to make sure that the relationship is working and that he is putting enough work into the relationship to keep it steady. The song end by him saying, “I’m tryna male some conversation.” Majid has been trying to impress her and work with by making some conversation.

The color and the color changes in the music video really grabs your attention in the beginning. The colors are very faded and not as vibrant and flashy like other music videos. The colors also give of that 3-D glasses affect. The music video makes you feel warm.  It gives off an 80’s day theme and appearance. The video itself tells a powerful story and flows perfectly with the lyrical aspect of the music. This music video will keep you intrigued. The constant color and scene changes creates an emotional appeal. The whole video does a good job of getting the message across to those who are watching it. From the beginning of the video to the end, it only became more heart-felt and powerful.


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