Having to choose between acting and music, Little Simz is music all the way. She is ready to face what is out there for her in the music world. She is stepping up to the plate and isn’t backing down. The music of Little Simz speaks nothing but the truth. It’s pure and the realist. It’s simplistic, yet so powerful. Her music is the type of music you learn from. It’s the type of music that you live by.

Her song “Gratitude,” is becoming more and more popular. You can hear the power and determination that she puts behind that song. It’s one that hits right at home. You know what she is about. Little Simz is about business. She is about change. With her there’s no easy away around it. You can go the hard way or the easy way, but it’s going to happen.

The music video s extremely effective. It reaches and speaks to the people of today. The track and the video world will together. Everything from the color to the speed compliments each other. The delivery of the video and message are just so powerful. It’s pure and artistic.


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