Some grow into music or music grows into them. For some, music is all they know. They are music and music is them. From being in a teenage band to becoming a solo music artist and song writer. LEON is on the rise.

LEON is  a Swedish singer and songwriter. She came from a musically talented household.LEON’s music career started in her teens when she was apart of a hip-hop and soul group. Starting in2015 she started her solo career with producer Agrin Rahmain. Her first single was “Tired of Talking.”Her EP, “Treasure,” received over 24.4 million plays on Spotify and has been in the spotlight. LEON has been mentioned by Perry and have recently appeared in Vogue Italia. He first album will be released in mid summer 2016.

LEON’s music is pure bliss. While listening to this EP, you can feel her powerful vocals down in your soul. LEON is the next Adele.


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