Jidenna, or should he be called the classic man, is quickly coming to the top in the music industry. Behind being the classic man that he is, Jidenna is very sensible to what he values. That is his music of course and how he gives it to the audience. He’s a classic man, who makes classic music.

Unlike many music artist, Jidenna likes to stay true to himself and to his music. If you are experiencing his music, you are experiencing him.  Jidenna sees himself as a classic man which explains his album. “Classic Man,” released on February 3,2015, is about a man (in this case this man is Jidenna) staying true to old fashioned values, traditions, and beliefs.

What is a classic man? In an interview with Hot 97, Jidenna explains what being just a classic man is. He says, ” I don’t think it’s about fashion. It’s not about capital, its not about age; it’s about character. It is an exceptional man, especially in this day and age where there are a few men of honor on the streets. That’s what comprises and composes a classic man.”

From this song, Jidenna feels that the people today are cold. Cold- hearted that is. People today do not have an interest in helping other, let alone becoming interest in their personal lives. Jidenna on the other hand, is different. He likes to keep things “cool” rather than “cold.”

Jidenna clearly expresses that no matter given the circumstantiates, he will remain cool, like a classic man would. He is just that kind  of guy. In the fourth verse of the song he says, “keep my gloves dirty but my hands clean. Got to keep the business in my family…” He is not afraid of getting is hands dirty when the time calls for it, but his hands stays clean by not participating in things that a “classic man” would not.

“Classic Man” is a very catchy song, but actually listening to what the lyrics are saying will leave you at awe.


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